Piercing techniques


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In classic pierces, the skin is pierced with a sterile disposal cannula (Venflon). After the needle is removed, the remaining plastic tube is replaced by the first jewelry.


In the case of punching, a hollow needle of which does not run pointed, but flat, is used. With this needle, tissue is completely removed from the stitch channel or punched.

Surface piercing

Surface piercings are also referred to as skin piercings or surface piercings. So piercings that are placed on the surface of the body are placed on one level.

Single Point Surface Piercing

These piercings, also known as the times anchor, do not run through the skin with an input and exit point, but are placed on the skin. The "mini implants" used for this are used in the form of a tile with vertical interior thread after a round opening has been punched into the skin.