Permanent Make-up: Tipps, beliebte Methoden und Kosten
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Permanent make-up: tips, popular methods and costs

Almost every woman has at least a make -up utensil without barely going out of the house. With permanent make-up (PMU for short), women and men can give their everyday basic look naturalness and simply let their make-up permanently insert into the skin. PMU treatments For different facial areas Offered: From microblading for eyebrows to permanent eyelets to artificial freckles and tattooed lip contours, almost anything is possible that otherwise has to be applied with brushes and make -up. We give a little insight into the wide PMU world:

What is the difference between permanent make-up and tattoos?

Like tattoo artists, PMU specialists bring color pigments into the skin and thus permanently change the color. Cosmeticists use the finest needles that stab less deep than tattoo cards - since the color pigments in the upper layers of the skin To be introduced, they fade almost completely after a few months, on the contrary to a tattoo. Light residues can remain permanently visible! PMU technology irritates the skin less than a classic tattoo and, according to experience reports, also hurts less. The sensitive facial skin is hardly damaged by the treatment and you can shine in the NO make-up look.

Microblading: Tattoo the slightly different

In microblading, as the name suggests, no needles are used, but the finest blades with which the eyebrows are used individually in the skin scratched And then be filled with color pigments. The technology differs from classic PMU methods and tattooing, but the effect remains the same. In most cases, microblading also has to be repeated after a few months so that the color does not fade.

Which PMU methods are feasible?

There are permanent make-up for all facial areas. The following applications are among the most popular methods:

1. eyebrows With the microblading method, natural eyebrows can be designed and shaped denser. Also completely artificial eyebrows can be designed in this way.

2. eyelid Permanent eyelets on the upper or lower lid can be easily feasible with the gentle PMU technology. With a little color in the corner of the eye, the eyes can be visually enlarged. This technique is also possible to correct the eye shape.

3. Lips Instead of spraying the lips, you can make them look bigger with PMU. This gives your lips clear contours with gently elaborated shades.

4. Beauty spots and freckles A current trend among Instagram and Snapchat users are tattooed freckles. If they are stung with PMU technology, they fade after a while and thus work more naturally than tattooed freckles.


How long does permanent make-up last?

After a PMU treatment, a slight fading of the color can be expected after just a few months. The transition is creeping off with the constant renewal of the epidermis. This is how your permanent make-up also sees in the Transitional phases Of course, and does not appear "painted". At the latest after two years Most PMU tattoos are hardly visible or at least noticeably faded. Since the treatments are significantly more expensive than conventional tattoo sessions, you should be clear about the transience of PMU beauty. Once the skin has healed after the treatment, it can also be treated a second time. If there is a problem, you can correct or refresh your permanent make-up at any time.

Preparation and follow-up of PMU treatments

      • Permanent make-up treatments On clean, unvarnished skin carried out. Local anesthesia is possible.
      • For a clean result, there is usually at least one Post -treatment necessary.
      • After treatment, slight redness and swelling are quite normal. These sound off after a few days.
      • After treatment, similar care and hygiene rules apply to tattooing: Avoid UV radiation on the face and use dermatologically tested care creams to keep the skin smooth and avoid crusting.
      • To maintain the freshly treated skin areas during the regeneration phase, you can use products of our PMU line like ours PMU acute or PMU CARE.
      • Distribution of care lotions never with your fingers, but always with a clean cotton swab on the skin treated.

A science in itself

Naturally looking, beautiful permanent make-up requires a lot of experience and a good feeling for the aesthetics of faces and the material. There is hardly any space for creativity in this area of ​​cosmetics. Classic tattoo artist therefore rarely offer permanent make-up. Many studios PMU specialists One who only took care of the embellishment of faces and enjoyed a corresponding training. Because PMU is becoming increasingly popular, there are almost as many (or even more) PMU studios in some major cities as there are tattoo studios. The fastest and most effective way to find the right studio for your type is - as with tattoos - simply ask: If you see someone with great eyebrows, beautiful lip contours or a strikingly waterproof eyelid, just ask where he or she had the PMU treatment done and follow Recommendations of friends and acquaintances.