Nicht nur was für Gothic-Fans: Die beliebtesten Halloween-Tattoomotive
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Not just what Gothic fans: The most popular Halloween tattoo womotives

Every year the black heart of Gothic and Horrorfans blooms to Halloween: bloody faces, weird outfits, dark make-up and Horror motifs are part of the good tone, so to speak. Many love this Halloween feeling so much that they can get suitable motifs under their skin. They can not only be seen at creepy parties, but also work in midsummer Edgy and cool. We have put together a few suggestions for your next Halloween tattoo:

Are Halloween motifs actually socially acceptable?

Dark motifs stand out and give your wearer a certain aura: you can look melancholy or combative, in general you have one more Daunting effect And that is a good thing.

It is different with doing people in a personal environment: if a kindergarten teacher wears dead heads and bleeding eyes on their hands, that is unsettled young parents and frighten the little ones perhaps. Even in the interview, the Sensenmann is likely to be on your upper arm No reason for attitudes. There are no rule of thumb for wearing horror tattoos - but before the jump -off you should be aware that not everyone reacts positively to horror motifs. But that's exactly why we love them, right?

Classic motifs sorted by popularity

1. Toten heads of all kinds

The popular skull motif should hardly be missing if you like dark tattoos. Toten heads can be designed in a realistic manner, as fabulous and colorful "Eddies" as with Iron Maiden, or shine on the skin very minimalistically and simply on the skin. The motif is like roses and tendrils as good gap filler And can be combined with every style and almost any other motif. Sweet dead heads with a bow, romantic skulls with roses in the eyes or a skull with coatosis: everything works here, so you can let your creativity run free.

2. Sensenmen, tombstones and cemeteries

A real classic, not just for horror fans: Memento Mori Tattoos that are reminiscent of the transience in general or the loss of a close person. Graves and graves often also have a Christian meaning.

3. Bats

Bat tattoos are widespread in the Gothic scene. If you don't feel belonging to the scene, you could quickly be put in a drawer with such a tattoo that doesn't suit you. If the Goth-style You like, you can make your bat tattoo as freely as it is with the dead head: sweet mouse with googly eyes, realistic motifs or free-standing wings (instead of angel or bird wings) are popular variants.

4. Eyes and eyeballs

A realistically stung eye on the neck, on the back of the hand or in the neck has something mysterious. The motif can be designed extremely creepy, for example with small varicose veins, tears or a crazy look. But it does not always have to be blatant: a relaxed eye also makes its wearer look confident and lets a clear message swing. "I see everything!"

5. Motifs from film and literature

With a film or literature tattoo you can beat two birds with one stone: many figures and motifs from horror films and books are cult - So you can come out as a fan and score with other fans that recognize the motif. Whether you your Tribute tattoo Keeping realistically or preferring a comic version is of course entirely up to you.

These figures and film scenes are legendary tattoo motifs

  • Pinhead (Hellraiser)
  • The Crow
  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead/Dance of the devil)
  • Hannibal Lecter (silence of the Lambs)
  • Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elmstreet)
  • Mike Myers (Halloween)
  • Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th.)
  • Nosferatu or Dracula (from classic vampire stories)
  • Chucky (from Stephen King's books)
  • Jack Torrance (Shining) - The grinning Jack Nicholson is iconic
  • PennyWise (from Stephen Kings IT)
  • The other Mother (from Neil Gaimans Coraline)
  • Frankenstein's Monster (from Mary Shelleys Frankenstein)
  • Every figure from Tim Burton Halloween Christmas film Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A cool trend: Figures from children's films in horror execution - Pippi Longstocking with empty eyes and bad gaze would be pretty creepy, right?

6. Horror authors, directors and artists

Culture sizes like Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, Alfred Hitchcock or Salvadore Dalí Do not need creepy figures to be iconic - they are themselves. Some artists have burned into the heads of their fans with their work (and their sometimes quite strange external) that a portrait More says than a thousand film scenes and quotes. The following applies to this trend: the more realistic, the better!

For real Halloween fans: Halloween-theme motifs

You don't love the horror, fear and the dark, but really just Halloween? Maybe October 31 is a special meaning for you? These motifs stand unmistakably for the most beautiful day of children in the world and do not have to look dark at all:

More Halloween is not possible: motifs for large trick-or-treat fans

  • Pumpkin
  • Ghost
  • Masks
  • Bunbons and loafers
  • Witch
  • Comic figures disguised