New product categories for perfect tatto saucepan

Neue Produktkategorien für perfekte Tattoopflege

New product categories for perfect tatto saucepan

Well -kept and healthy skin can be recognized immediately by the complexion. This also applies to tattoos: the more careful you care for your skin after the stinging, the better the result looks. Many of our customers are unsure how to best use our care products. We have therefore introduced three new categories in the range: Tattoopfleg in the studio, Tatto saucepan during the Regeneration phase and Long-term tatto saucepan For colorful skin.

1. Products for wound care directly in the studio (day 1 - 2)

A protective film for day 1 to 2

If you get stung more often, you know it: the unpopular cling film. Immediately after the jump -off it is applied to the tattooed skin and Protects the wound from drying out. Our medical ones are cleaner and more attractive than cling film Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Film and Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch Products. If the tattooed skin is covered with clothing or if you lie down on it when sleeping, a clean patch is an absolute must.

Ointment or patch?

As an alternative to the patch (never in combination!) You can also use smaller and poorly covered motifs with the Tattoomed After Tattoo Pro Cover ointment. This forms a viscous protective film on the skin and fulfills the same purpose as patch and film. Unfortunately the ointment is unadorned, nevertheless, it should never be covered with a patch or cling film.

2. Products for maintaining and cleaning in the regeneration phase (day 2 - 21)

Care from day 3 after stinging

In the first 72 hours after tattooing, you should treat your skin to rest and not lose weight. On the third day you can carefully with that Tattoomed Cleansing Gel and the course Tattoomed Clean & Care Sponge to clean. Apply sufficient moisturizing after washing Tattoomed after tattoo Cream on the skin. The cream layer is regularly renewed after 21 days until full regeneration. After three weeks you can admire your tattoo in full splendor and go to the next nursing step.

3. Products for long -lasting color protection and daily care

Feel comfortable in your skin

Your skin needs special care by the 21st day after tattooing. During this time, any bathing is also prohibited: whether in the sun or in the tub. If the regeneration process is completely completed, use daily after showering Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Cream. The cream already contains a light one UV protection And makes the skin petted. With high UV radiation we recommend the Tattoomed Sun Protect 25 or 50 with high sun protection factor.