Minimalistische Tattoos - kleine Tattoos mit großer Bedeutung
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Small tattoos with great importance: Why are minimalist tattoos so popular?

In the past, tattoo motifs were coarse, large and striking: the colorful sleeves came after the tribals, and old school motifs have always been popular. This was due to the tattoo technique, among other things, which for a long time none filigree motifs allowed. Today tattoo needles are much finer and can too Finest lettering and tiny lines Stop under the skin. Large messages can be held on a few centimeters of skin - this is not only cheap, but also easy to hide if you have an interview with the bank when you visit your conservative in -law To answer tattoo. What a minimalist tattoo can look like and What advantages and disadvantages such a mini tattoo hasyou will find out here:

What makes minimalist motifs so special?

There is usually more behind mini tattoos than you can see at first glance. They act like natural body paints: circles, lines and small motifs in the size of a mother's time rain to think and ask. The meaning is as individual as yourself - It's all about what You interpreted into the motif. Most minimal tattoos remain for viewers a mystery. And that's exactly what makes it so interesting! Popular places for mini tattoos are wrists and ankles, if you like it a little more striking, even dare on your hands or face. In principle, however, every part of the body is suitable for a filigree teasing.

Motif finders: Which ideas and thoughts are important to you?

  • Strokes and bars: A stroke around the arm or about the leg is reminiscent of warmates from the Bronze Age. Strokes can represent people, events or numbers that mean a lot to the carrier.
  • Lettering: Mostly stung in handwriting, adapted to the shape of the body and only read by close. Large quotes, motto and winged words with special importance you wear like small chains of an arms, on the hip, the shoulders or other natural body lines.
  • Circles and rings: Whether filled out or in the form of a simple contour in a clean circular shape - circular forms are reminiscent of planets, stars, the cycle of life and death.
  • Mini motifs: Rarely filled out, monochrome contours or dotwork. Simplified comic plants, animals, figures or objects are often chosen as a motif.
  • Symbols and codes: Many an encrypted message serves as a distinguishing sign for like -minded people and is deliberately cryptic. Mathematical formulas and technical symbols are also from nerds With style likes to be chosen as a motif.
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"Hey, does that have a meaning?"
Cryptic motifs make you curious

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Minimalist tattoos are just something for real professionals with a lot of experience

This comes up with you when a mini tattoo is stinging

  1. Choose the right tattoo artist!
    Minimalist tattoos are just something for real professionals with a lot of experience. When stinging, it comes up accuracy AN: Every smallest slip of the tattoo needle can be seen later and, in the worst case, messes up the entire motif. In the Tattoo Spelunke next door you will hardly find an artist who works calmly enough to precisely sting the finest lines. If the lines are stung too deep or too superficially, they run faster over the years and the filigree effect of the tattoo is gone.
  2. Healing phase
    A minimalist tattoo motif with fine lines and geometric shapes must be treated particularly well in the healing phase. UV radiation and scratchescan destroy the fresh pigments under the skin; Bork formation should also be avoided so that the tattoo is even even and the lines remain straight.
  3. "Hey, does that have a meaning?"
    Cryptic motifs make you curious - you should also, to a certain extent. If you have a clearly visible symbol or lettering tattooed, people will inevitably think about it in conversations and maybe even address you. Are you ready for it, or do you prefer it more hidden? So think carefully Which motif where should goAnd in which situations it is visible there.

The dark side of fine lines: lasers, reckoning and cover-ups

Your skin changes in the course of your life: every skin cell dies regularly and is then renewed. After a few years Therefore, tattoo contours also change: The colors let up, the pigments shift and appear spongy or deep pores become visible. Also small Injuries and sunburns affect tattoos and change the complexion. So that your minimalist tattoo stays in shape as long as possible, you should always Protect against UV radiation and supply the skin with moisture. If something warps and the tattoo gets out of shape, there are only three options:

  • Stand: Smaller uncleans can be corrected with a white tattoo color on light skin.
  • Lasern: If part of the tattoo runs or if you don't want to see it anymore, only laser treatment helps. Lined skin can be tattooed again, but this is very painful and there is a risk that lines are forgetting again.
  • Cover-up: Minimalist tattoos can be easily overpowered or integrated into larger motifs. If the little heart is annoying from the last relationship or if you want to get rid of a youth sin, a cover-up is a little less radical compared to lasers, but also more noticeable.