Minimalist body art-one-line tattoos

Minimalistische Körperkunst - One-Line-Tattoos

One line tattoos-Berlin tattoo artist Mo Ganji sets new trends

Minimalist art sometimes has more depth than complex and colorful works of art - the Berlin artist Mo Ganji Knows the intensive effect of the minimalist carefully and shapes a new style: his single line tattoos have recently become a megatrend in the tattoo scene - scene and magazines all over the world report on its stylish tattoos, which without exception From a single line exist, the turns of which result in a clear motif with sufficient distance.

Mo Ganji Tattoo Berlin

A line, many meanings

For Mo Ganji, his tattoo art is a possibility of expression and an alternative to consumer -oriented, "safe" life in the business world: As a manager for a clothing group, he received an insight into the exploitative world of dress production. The Berliner decided not to support the destruction of nature and human dignity and without further ado to become self -employed as a tattoo artist and his own, sober style to establish. This commendable anti-attitude is clearly reflected in its tattoos and is very well received in the scene.

Plenty of depth

The one line style (also called single line style) is now offered by many tattooing at home and abroad. Classic motifs are outlines of animals, plants and other nature templates. It is striking that many one line tattoos show animals that are threatened by extinction or have already been eradicated. Away from the Natural issue Tattoo fans can also tattoo more complex motifs such as portraits and outlines of human bodies as one-liner-the resulting areas and lines are reminiscent of Cubist portraits from Pablo Picasso and give the portrait faces an abstract and emotionally charged aura. So there is plenty of depth behind a single line.

Motif finders for one line tattoos: These motifs are often chosen

  • Flowers and trees As a black single line tattoos have a sober, melancholic character. They stand for the unromanticized love of nature and are often worn by men and women.
  • Animals, Especially busts and faces of animals are among the specialties of the prominent One Line Tattoo artist Mo Ganji. Creative modifications are indicated outline of animal herds or individual one-liners using photos of pets.
  • Skylines and horizon lines Combine the carrier inseparable with a certain place. Symbolic waves, house roofs or tree tops can also stand for a certain environment.
  • Portraits and human outlines must be prepared particularly carefully. They do not always represent existing people, but can also serve as cultural icons: A dancer, a musician or an artist can ultimately be recognized as a minimalistic one-liner.
  • Lettering As one line tattoos, growing growing has enjoyed growing since the early 2010. The simpler and thinner, the better: you can wear keywords and sayings discreet, even if you are in visible places. Such a single line lettering can also be easily integrated into other motifs!

How is a single line tattoo created?

Single line tattoos look fearless and spontaneous - but in the studio the minimalist motifs are not simply improvised onto the canvas (the skin), as with Pablo Picasso. The tattoo artist first draws in before the jump -off sample with a ink brush. Some tattoo artists also put their designations directly on the skin so that the motif adapts better to the body shapes. If the design is applied to the skin and give your okay to the motif, it goes to the sting. The tattoo is not stung in "one line". That would not be technically possible: the tattoo needle must be dipped regularly in ink. In addition, the black line changes its width with many motifs - wider contours are created when tattooing by multiple stinging of thinner lines. It is important for the one line tattoo that the resulting line runs evenly and without edges.

Doesn't work, there is no

When creating single line tattoos, there are hardly any limits to creativity despite the simple technology: also Complex motifs can be represented with a little skill as one-liner. Depending on the technology and motif, some tattoos can hardly be seen at first glance that this detailed motif is a one line tattoo. With a one line tattoo, the opposite effect can also be created: iconic symbols and motifs are as one line tattoos abstracted -So probably only connoisseurs recognize your one-line-r2D2, scarface or your minimalist Batman logo. Whether it will be a simple line that only indicates the desired motif or whether your tattoo should impress with its well thought -out complexity depends on your personal preferences and the drawing style of your tattoo artist.

Advantages of one line technology at a glance

  • The minimalist representation of colorful natural templates gives the tattoo one edgy Effect.
  • The tattoo session takes relatively little time and large motifs are affordable.
  • The scope for interpretation in minimalist tattoos is very high - this is how you can cover up your messages and set inconspicuous statements.
  • One line tattoos can easily be covered with a cover-up if you don't like it anymore.