Love Island 2020 - The Love Island candidates 2020 and their tattoos

Love Island 2020 - Die Love Island Kandidaten 2020 und ihre Tattoos

Love Island 2020 - The Love Island candidates 2020 and their tattoos

It's finally started again! The Corona crisis initially feared that we would have to do without reality and flirt formats this year. Fortunately, shows like Paradise Hotel and Love Island continue to take place. The first candidates presented themselves on Monday and immediately noticed: Hardly any candidate wears tattoos! In fact, 5 out of 8 starting candidates do not wear a single visible tattoo on the body. The announced number 9, grenade Pia, also comes into the villa completely tattoo -free. You can find out why the new candidates differ greatly from the candidates of the last seasons on this year and which tattoos are in trend: here:

Love Island without tattoos - is that possible?

Tattoos has so far been a good tone in Love Island Villa: Reality stars like Jan Soko, Mike Heiden, Melissa Damilia or Mischa Mayer have already searched for their love luck on the show and presented their various tattoostyles on TV. While Melissa is on realistic black and white portraits and is inspired by the great comedy stars of the 20th century, Mike and Mischa rely on Christian motifs by well-known studios and tattoo artists such as Stigmata tattoo. Jan Soko, on the other hand, stays with classic old school motifs and was already tired in the first Love Island season to his neck. So far, pretty much every tattoostyle was represented in the house!

These Love Island candidates wear visible tattoos

1. Anna - the beer queen with profoundness Blondine Anna has already spent some action -packed summer in Mallorca and is looking for a man who can also celebrate and have fun. She wears two lion heads on the body and is obviously based on Hindu motifs. We were able to cover these tattoos:

  • Lion's head and Rose blossom on the thigh
  • She apparently works on an armsleeve: there are more roses there, plus lotus flowers and ... Another lion's head? Exactly, another. However, this is not realistic, but designed in the Asian henna style.
  • Your ribs adorn three Roman sequences of numbers (probably date information)
  • The rib area opposite shows three popular motifs combined in a linework tattoo: the line of the Indelicate Squip like a heart rate knife and then end in a spring.
  • Anna wears three minimalist-designed mini symbols on the wrist: a heart, a crown and in the middle something that looks like a chocolate bar or a stemeis. We hope that it will be the real meaning of the tiny milk cuts in the course of the season!

2. Luca - The kickboxer with the tattooed chest Luca was also partly inspired by the Hindu culture to his tattoos. Each motif says a lot about his personality, which has made it one of the most interesting candidates so far. We were able to identify the following motifs on his body:

  • The left breast is with the classic motif of the Comedy and the tragedy Decorated in the form of Venetian masks. Stars for filling out were inappropriately used between the masks. One of them wears a mysterious logo that might be the logo of a start-up company. We are looking forward to the story behind it!
  • The Hindu-Gott is enthroned on the right chest Ganesha. The "Lord of the Obstacles" is a donor and tender, but especially Ganesha is known as a good dancer and lover. We will find out why Luca identifies with this mythological figure in the coming weeks. It fits great with Anna's Hindu -inspired motifs!
  • Luca wears a little more hidden on the ribs Boxing gloves With a big lettering about it: FearlessThis is how Luca sees himself. For him, sport obviously takes up a high priority. Maybe just the right thing for poledancer Chiara?

3. Marc - The Sweete Sunnyboy

We almost overlooked the tattoo of the sweet Marcimarcs, so subtle it is: he also wears a series of Roman numbers on the chest. It is probably an important date. If you put your first tattoo on your chest, you have something to tell! Hopefully, he will hopefully clarify whether the date is a birthday, a dying date or the day of his driver's license test.

Changing ideals of beauty? We can learn that from Love Island

In a way, Love Island is the mirror of Instagram and Tik Tok generation: normal mortals get an insight here which styles are and which are not. Where in the past almost every woman answered "tattooed" when asked about the type, the ladies today prefer "darker types" or "Spanish -speaking men", as they say. The tattoo status seems to be secondary for all participants. Does that mean that tattoos are out? Never: tattoos now belong in the middle of society and simply do not polarize as strong as before. Whether you wear tattoos or not is one Personal and no fashion decision. Love Island shows that tattoos no longer influence how we arrive at others. Anyone can still wear what they want and does not border from others - a nice development that we would be happy to continue to follow in the next few weeks!