Linework - fine lines show artistic pictures

Linework – feine Linien zeigen kunstvolle Bilder

Linework - fine lines show artistic pictures

The tattoo art has arrived in the middle of society. Today, the colorful physical decorations are no longer only wearing rockers and hippies, including benchers, models and our one can be stabbed. If you like it more subtle, you may want a smaller, finer tattoo. This can quickly be hidden under the right clothes and does not change your appearance like a tattoo on the neck or on the fingers. At this point the so -called Fineline tattoo in the game.

What is a fineline tattoo?

As with most art forms, a distinction can also be made between different styles when tattooing. In addition to stylistic peculiarities such as old school, Realistic or Dotwork also the so-called linework, oneline or finline style. This means - as the name suggests - a form of tattooing, in which a detailed, individual work of art is created on the skin using many fine lines.

The modern way of tattooing

The style from the Cholo Culture of South California developed as a kind of countermovement to the classic tattoo, which comes under the skin with strong, thick lines. Linwork is one of the younger tattoostine. This is not least because the possibilities and technical requirements for tattooing have changed and developed over time. Today, tattoo artists are possible today to get the customer much more detailed or finer works of art under the skin.

How does the tattoo art develop?

Finer lines open up new possibilities in many styles: In the areas of portrait, sketchstyle or minity emergencies, linework work offers a perfect addition to the previous methods. But what technology is actually behind this style and why is one or the other artist classified as problematic?

Where is the difference? Linwork and classic tattoo in comparison

  • The wafer-thin appearance distinguishes linwork tattoos at first glance from classically engraved motifs.
  • To produce such a fine motif, the tattoo needle must be adapted to the filigree look of the artwork. Particularly thin needles are required for this.
  • For some linwork motifs, one Single needle used. The contours become fine with a single tattoon needle as pencil lines.

Challenges of linwork technology

The nightmare of every tattoo carrier is an evil awakening after the healing phase. Nobody wants to slip after healing, Blowouts or have to correct spotty images. Therefore, select a tattoo artist who specializes in the linwork work. If you browse through the online galleries of sought-after fineline artists, you will surely find an artist whose motifs fit your ideas. You will also find such nice suggestions for motifs if there is still no fixed request

These linework motifs are often chosen

  • Fine lettering and texts: Small, subtle, barely readable for others.
  • Outline of symbols: Fits nicely into the complexion, inconspicuous alternative to the completed motif.
  • Sketchwork Tattoos: Fine pencil look for an artistic effect.
  • Dotwork Tattoos: Geometric motifs in henna or mandala look become complex works of art with fine lines.
  • Minimalist motifs: Fine lines or motifs simplified to geometric figures often have a very personal meaning.

How long do linwork tattoos last?

Tattoos age and the Fineline tattoo is no different .. But how long does this filigree art last? This not only depends on the quality of the lines, but above all on how good you during the stinging and during the healing phase work. You should definitely take advice and warnings of your tattoo artist seriously and strictly follow!

Dos and Dont`s after a linocular appointment

  • Yes, it itches. No, you can Do not scratch, rub, bite or pinch. When scratching you could easily damage the small, fine lines.
  • Your tattoo artist knows best Which parts of the body are suitable for linework tattoos and which are not. Even with scarred skin or places with birthmarks, you should accept the "no" of a tattoo artist.
  • Let your tattoo during the healing process do not soak in the water. Bathing, long showering and swimming should be avoided until full healing. Be particularly careful when drying and wiping simply with a rough towel over the freshly stung lines!

Advantages of linwork motifs

Preached enough caution. Such a fineline tattoo has a lot of beautiful pages above all. In addition to the one mentioned at the beginning Advantage of unobtrusiveness In everyday life and the multiple possibilities of detailed art implementation, the fine linework is also easier to expand. Cover-ups can also be implemented much more easily than with colorful motifs with strong contours. If your tattoo fades over time, you can prick the fine lines without any problems and without much effort. All in all, the Fineline tattoo offers one despite its difficulties Welcome addition to the tattoo landscape And make sure that your tattoos look even more individual.