Bodies for tattoos

Körperstellen für Tattoos

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Some put a tattoo, at a supposedly very painful place, loosely away, while others almost faint with a small tattoo on the upper arm. In general, one can say that the intimate region, hip, chest, knee, internal hand and feet are quite painful for a tattoo. For the time being, pain-sensitive people should opt for parts of the body such as upper/forearm or thighs.

Tattoos in visible places such as neck or hands?

Pretty much every conscientious tattoo artist will give a customer who does not already have a lot of tattoos to exclude or refuse a motif in these barely hidden areas.
The trend is strong in the direction of this offensive, also well -visible places, but should be clear that even despite increasing tolerance in society - and constantly more confessing distance methods - a motif on these parts of the body can lead to difficulties in professional life and Thus wearers who know what they do - know these consequences and not just a quick trend after racing.

Which professional fields could there be problems with non -hidden tattoos?

If you strive for a career as a banker or in the management of a company that is considered a conservative company, you should rather refrain from being stabbed at obvious and not covering areas. This also applies often in the public service, police officers and to a certain extent in professional soldiers. But they don't be deterred; Nowadays, many company bosses, senior employees, personnel managers, doctors, lawyers, etc. themselves have color under their skin. Also remember: Some of today's tattooed are also chiefs of tomorrow.

What do I have to pay attention to when placing and choosing a motif?

Not every motif works in any size on every part of the body.
A very detailed motif can or should not be placed in one place where there is too little space, since a tattoo will always change a little over time and its lines diverge. It is advisable to be discovered on the little finger from a triad, with all the trimmings, since after a short time it will no longer be recognized as such. When choosing, include your tattoo artist for a certain motif. As a professional with the necessary experience that he should be, he knows best what works where and where a motif comes into its own.

Colors and their composition differ greatly worldwide.