Can my tattoos fade? And why?

Können meine Tattoos verblassen? Und wieso?

Can my tattoos fade? And why?

Anyone who optes for the permanent embellishment of the skin through a tattoo would certainly want the painfully acquired work of art to be as long as possible. After the healing with good care, nothing will change for the time being. Over time, however, the color becomes paler and runs a little in the skin, especially in many moving areas. So yes, tattoos can fade. But you can also counteract that!

Why fades my tattoo?

But first of all to the causes: one of the reasons has already been mentioned, the tattoo is constantly moved on the skin, which leads to the color going to a certain degree. Another, even more serious cause is the sunlight on the tattoo. The UV radiation does not harm a healed tattoo immediately, but since you are more often in the sun, the color pigments fade slowly. And who stays permanent and always in the house? A freshly stung tattoo will therefore appear more and more bright than one that has been under the skin for years. Well engraved, it will be well preserved for many years. A strongly perceptible fading will only occur with frequent and strong suspension under UV radiation, or after a long time.


What can I do about fading?

In order to keep the color pigments, the skin must definitely be protected from the sun's rays. So always apply sunscreen while sunbathing or on the beach and pay attention to regular cream. Especially with a very freshly stabbed tattoo, you should even avoid sunbashes entirely. Be sure to cover the freshly tattooed area with clothing when you go out of the house because the tattooed skin is injured and is therefore completely without your own protection. So you help your tattoo, to heal without complications, color -intensive and without scars. Prevention is the best way to maintain your work of art as long and well as possible. So make sure to consistently protect your skin and apply it to apply your skin. If the fading is already very advanced, post -stinging is also an option. At best, you choose the artist who stung your tattoo in order to be able to restore the style and the motif as precisely as possible. In order to reduce fading in many moving places, there is unfortunately no real option, except that such places are left out with ink when beautification.


Which care products are recommended?

The Tattoomed Sun Protection series was developed especially for sun protection tattooed skin. The series consists of three different sun protection products with different sun protection factors, as well as an after sun care for the already sun -loaded skin. Your tattoos are well protected by the broadband filter system and you do not even have to wait after creaming, but can go into the sun immediately. Protection keeps your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Note the self -protection time of your skin, since the sun protection factor only extends it by the respective factor. Your skin will thank you if you are more in shade than in the direct sun. You can achieve optimal care by using the tattoomed after sun after sunbathing because it supports the natural moisture balance of the skin. Apply the lotion generously to the cleaned skin and immediately find a velvety care feeling. The products of the Tattoomed Sun Protection series are all perfume -free and suitable for sensitive skin. Tattooed skin is optimally protected, calmed and maintained - without gluing and greasing. The entire line is also 100% vegan and dermatologically tested. For a long -lasting beautification of your skin.