Kann ich mich betrunken tätowieren lassen?
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Can I let myself be tattooed?

Alcohol and tattoo - this is a bad combination, for several reasons:


Drunken make bad decisions:

Perhaps at this moment you may appear as a good idea. The next morning it will certainly look different. What looks funny or cool under the influence of alcohol is often only embarrassing. Countless photos on the net show what such "schnapps ideas" can look like. However, a tattoo should be a well -considered decision. After all, you carry it on your skin all your life and you should still like it in years. When drunk, you may choose a tattoo that would otherwise never be possible. For this reason, a reputable tattoo artist will not tattoo you if you are drunk.


Blood thinning harms the tattoo:

However, alcohol has another effect that can harm both your tattoo and your health: it extends the blood vessels and dilutes your blood. You can see that very clearly when stinging. The tattoo is bleeding stronger, which makes it very difficult to insert the color evenly. At the same time, the blood flooded part of the color out of the skin again. Tattooing therefore takes longer and is more painful. The result will most likely be washed out and look uneven when you are alcoholic. Rotating is inevitable. Due to the stronger bleeding, the tattoo does not heal so well. It crusts more strongly, the healing process takes longer and the risk of inflammation is increased. Since the blood diluted effects for a while, you should definitely do without alcohol on the day before your tattoo date.


The responsibility of the tattoo artist:

No responsible tattoo artist will accept you as a customer as long as you are drunk. Unfortunately there are black sheep in this industry. However, the following applies: A Tatoo artist who doesn't care about your alcohol level will probably not take it so precisely with other regulations. It is quite possible that there is also a lack of hygiene in this studio, and that is a real risk of your health. The problem: As long as you are drunk, you will not be able to take a closer look at the tattoo artist and his studio and determine hygiene defects. Therefore, look for a tattoo artist in the sober state that works seriously and responsibly. It goes without saying that the tattoo artist must not be alcoholic when stabbing.


Better methods for relaxation:

It is often the fear of pain and an unpleasant procedure that makes customers use beer or schnapps before the appointment. But for the reasons mentioned above, alcoholic beverages are not suitable for relaxation when tattooing. You should also do without medication. Better use other methods:

  • Bring (by consultation with the tattoo artist) to have sugary drinks or sweets. This can make the procedure more pleasant.
  • Let yourself be accompanied by a friend. He/she can support you and distract you in case of doubt if it becomes too uncomfortable.
  • Music is still the best possible relaxation for many people. Just bring your headphones with you and enjoy your favorite music when tattooing.
  • Your tattoo artist does not have to do with nervous customers for the first time. He/she will support you and calm you down.
  • Breath exercises can help you relax. Try to calm and deep breathing.
  • If in doubt, please the tattoo artist for a short break in which you can relax.
  • Some tattoo artists even offer hypnosis to reduce the sensation of pain.


With these possibilities you will certainly make your appointment, even sober.