Hygiene im Tattoostudio
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Cleanliness and comprehensive hygiene have top priority. The anteroom should already radiate. If you are greeted by a horny insects in the door frame, you should turn on the heel. The work rooms should be bright and well ventilated. Only that equipment should be in the rooms that is also required for tattooing. Eating, drinks and clothes have lost nothing there. In general, all areas and walls must be damp. In addition, each work space must have a sink. Let the rooms show you. A serious studio will do so.

Should the tattoo artist only work with disposable materials?

Yes. Wipes, the filling caps for the colors and disposable gloves are a basic presentation and immediately disposed of after use. In the case of needles and tubes (handles of the tattoo machine), there is the disposable version that is disposed of immediately after use, as well as the versions that can be used several times by sterilization. Don't be afraid, studios that work with multi -used needles and tubes, sterilize them properly through professional and specially developed devices such as ultrasound cleaners, autoclave (steam pressure sterilizer) or hot air sterilizers. Just ask your tattoo with what material he works and sterilized in the given case. The following also applies here: Serious and professional tattoo artists and studios will be happy to provide you with information about your questions.

How about smoking in the studio?

Smoking in the studio should not be permitted, even out of consideration for non -smokers. During the session, the tattoo artist is absolutely not allowed to smoke because it violates hygiene guidelines and he needs both hands to work.

Can my dog ​​come with me?

Animals are generally not allowed to stay in tattoo studios. Firstly, because they can represent a distraction for the tattoo artist at work. On the other hand, they simply pose too large infection risk.

Should the tattoo artist work with mouth protection?

Working with mouth protection is only prescribed if liquid splashes can arise during the treatment.