Gibt es vegane Tattoofarben?
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Are there vegan tattoo colors?

Anyone who has opted for the vegan lifestyle will find that far more products are contained in animal components than only in food. Would you have known, for example, that some adhesives are not vegan because they contain processed slaughterhouse waste (such as bones or animal skin) or casein? Yes? Then it is probably no longer a surprise that there are also tattoo colors that are not suitable for vegans. However, one thing is certain: it is important that your tattoo artist uses only high -quality colors. This is not only important for the durability of your tattoos and the color power, but also for your health. Unfortunately, inferior tattoo colors often contain even harmful substances that can affect you permanently in terms of health. But more about that later.


What are the compositions of tattoo colors?

And what does a tattoo color not make vegan at all? Animal experiments are definitely an indication of "non-vegan". However, tattoo colors in Germany can no longer be tested on animals anyway. However, which manufacturers have already carried out such tests can no longer be clearly said. Of course, a little research never hurt. Co -vegan ingredients in tattoo colors can be, for example, pigments made of lacquer shield lice, bone coal or wool wax, all of which are made from animal components. Incidentally, other consumption items can also contain animal components on your tattoo. These include the razor, with which the body hair is removed before tattooing, the petroleum jelly, which serves to grease the skin, the matricer paper, with the help of its templates, are brought to the skin, disinfectant or cleaning solutions. If you want to be on the safe side, ask in the studio whether you pay attention to the fact that these things are animal product -free. Perhaps you will also come across a purely vegan tattoo studio, where you no longer have to ask about details. With the products of Tattoomed, you can rely on our promise: 100% vegan!


Actual health risk or organic trend?

It has often been reported that tattoos can be harmful to health because the colors contain substances that can be deposited in the lymph nodes or trigger allergies. In high concentrations, the ingredients should even be carcinogenic. The substances that can get into your bloodstream are stabilizers, color pigments, preservatives or solvents, which are probably excreted again by the metabolism. However, this affects a wide range of tattoo colors, including vegan. Whether a tattoo is healthy or unhealthy is still relatively unexplored. Since animal experiments are now prohibited, no further studies can be carried out. The best thing to do is talk about this topic with the tattoo artist you trust. If you are completely healthy, if you let your tattoo sting, harmful ingredients may be less likely to harm you than if you are rather not fit. In any case, the health concerns are not quite unfounded.


Tips for vegan -friendly tattoos

The Internet is still a good source of information for all fans of the vegan lifestyle. There are numerous blogs and articles on vegan tattoo colors, which also list a variety of color manufacturers. It is often easy to find out online whether your tattoo artist uses vegan colors - in case of doubt, you can of course ask. If the artist does not stand with vegan tattoo colors, there is still the possibility to ask him to use other colors that you may even get yourself. However, some artists do not want to work without their well -known products, since not every color behaves exactly the same and the result could change or maybe even worsen. Also make sure that your tattoo artist knows what he's talking about here. It may be that a small test of patience arises if you don't find what you are looking for when looking for vegan Friendly Studios. But do not give up, the consistent and thorough selection is very important so that you have a tattoo under your skin at the end, which you certainly do not refer and which of course is also of the best quality. A really nice tattoo is definitely worth your effort!