Gibt es die perfekte Jahreszeit zum Tätowieren? So liegst du richtig!
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Is there the perfect season for tattooing? So you put your tattoo appointment particularly cheap

You hear it again and again and we also preach it: freshly tattooed skin must be spared so that the healing process can run without friction. With a fleeting look at the prohibition list after the jump -off, you might suspect that all is harmful to your tattoo. That is not quite true, but unfortunately there is a bit of truth in it:

The sun burns in summer, you sweat more and might want to hide your pelleal tattoo until it has healed, but there are plenty of layers of clothing on the wound in winter. We have learned the pros and contras for the best season for you so that you are well prepared - regardless of the season.

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The weather is mild on a perfect day for tattooing.

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As is well known, UV radiation is harmful to the skin.

NO-GOS for freshly tattooed skin at an overview: You should definitely avoid this after stinging

1. Sunbathing and outdoor activities without sun protection

As is well known, UV radiation is harmful to the skin. Freshly tattooed skin areas have lost any protection against harmful environmental influences and are therefore particularly susceptible to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Even in winter, freshly tattooed skin burns noticeably when it is exposed to direct sun.

2. Any swimming, hot showers or visiting sauna

If the skin gives way after tattooing, many color pigments are lost and a hard bark forms. In the worst case, you accidentally wipe out parts of your new tattoos when drying and back there is a bleeding wound without color. Therefore only leave as much water on the skin as necessary and Avoid swimming, longer showering And especially on courageous Jumps in swimming pools and wild waters (Infection risk!).

3. Sport and difficult work

At least in the first few days after tattooing you should not physically exhausting. On the day of the session, absolute calm applies - the circulation is weakened and your immune system is in full swing. Slight flu symptoms are a normal reaction of the body in the first few hours. Even days after the jump -off, you will feel when you strain how the freshly tattooed skin tenses. Therefore: Relax! But not in the sun ...

4. Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol dilutes the blood and brakes important body functions that favor rapid wound healing. Before, during and after tattooing, alcohol is therefore strictly forbidden for responsible tatto fans. The less the wound wound, the more pigments are preserved in the skin. Medicines and drugs can also negatively affect the healing process. Since the stuff is not healthy anyway, treat yourself to a couple at least after the jump -off Abbey days.

5. Neglected care

  • In the first 24 hours after tattooing you should be yours Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch Do not remove and treat the skin rest.
  • In the second phase, the wound must be cleaned regularly until the skin begins to peel and tension on its own.
  • In the last healing phase, the skin needs a lot of moisture and must be treated several times a day with moisturizing creams that contain as little additive as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages when jumping in summer

The long list of forbidden after tattooing is difficult to combine with a hot summer day or a vacation trip. Swimming, celebrating, sunbathing - everything fails after tattooing. If you are more of a quiet guy anyway and can just make Siesta in the shade for a few days in summer, the months are Between April and September ideal for the implementation of your tattoo ideas.

+ Air comes to the skin (less clothing).

- stronger UV radiation.

- Healing process visible to others.

This is to be observed when jumping in winter

In winter there are almost as many tempting temptations for freshly tattooed as in summer: Sauna visits, winter sports or hot baths On cold days, after tattooing, for a while. When putting on, you should be particularly careful so that the injured skin does not get pressure points from thick layers of clothing or the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch detached. If you prefer to spend your time inside in winter, a tattoo date should Between October and March not be a problem.

+ Less UV radiation.

- Danger from moisture (sweat, rain, snow).

- Unpleasant feeling of wearing (lots of clothing).

Let it go mild

The weather is mild on a perfect day for tattooing, so you don't sweat, but you don't have to pack yourself too thick. If you prefer not to show your oozing wound for the time being, you can wear long trousers, a light sweater or a neckerchief to cover the tattoo. When it rains in streams, always think of an umbrella or waterproof clothing. Ideal would be a cloudy sky without the view of wind or rain. Ultimately, after tattooing, the weather is less likely than on yours responsibility with the new tattoo.