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Face tattoos: cool statement or embarrassing youth sin?

Tattoos on the face are controversial even under die-hard tattoo fans. If PMU is not enough, you may rather adorn your face with more or less important messages and dotwork patterns. Such a facial tattoo is one thing above all - noticeable. So you will find out here which factors are to be considered before you let a lettering or a symbol tattooed in your face:

Free self -expression - is that at all?

Even if tattoos have now arrived in all social classes, facial tattoos are far from being accepted everywhere. If you work in sales or in sales and a good impression for customers is part of your business model, prefer to do without a "gangster" or "Badass Bitch" lettering on the face. Women have a clear advantage here: if you have your facial tattoo If necessary, overmate Can you definitely have it easier in everyday work. Before you get a facial tattoo, make it clear to which industry you want to work in and find out whether customers and employers in this area are emphasized neat appearance put. Even if well -groomed and tattoo does not rule out, a tattoo simply distracts in a serious sales discussion and is therefore rarely tolerated.

Care tips for facial tattoos

  • On the face, the skin tackles particularly quickly. UV radiation, make-up and allergic reactions can change the skin structure in the long run. Face tattoos therefore also change in the long run and have to be re -enacted more often as tattoos at other parts of the body.
  • If the facial tattoo has gone or deformed after a few years, only one helps Laser treatment, which should be particularly uncomfortable with the sensitive facial skin.
  • The better you your facial tattoo Protects against UV radiation and other environmental influences, the contours remain sharp and fine. With our Tattoomed Sun Protect products, you can optimally protect your skin from UV radiation.

Young poems are quickly punished

Young skin also changes visible over time. If pimples often occur during puberty, weight fluctuations are difficult and you generally do not yet know how you want to look in adulthood, a facial tattoo is not the right one for you. We recommend a Minimum age of 21 years For facial tattoos so that you do not need your first laser treatment in the middle or late 20. Also find a tattoo artist who specializes in PMU and facial tattoos and uses very fine needles.

What do facial tattoos mean?

A facial tattoo is a hard to hide Statement about the carrier. If you not only get a beauty stain or PMU, but also choose a colorful motif or lettering, the brand market is so to speak. What first impression do you want to leave with others? With a facial tattoo you make it unequivocally clear which cultural and thoughts you belong to and keep people outside of this elite circle away from you. This can have advantages and disadvantages. It is clear that tattoos always on the face polarize And combine you with one thing for everyone. It is up to you whether this is a political, a personal or a spiritual idea.

Popular facial tattoos and their meaning

  • Lettering: Virtues, names and life -determining values, many can be stung in the face in the form of short lettering. For the idealists, maybe an option?
  • Beauty spots and freckles: Whether round and natural, or in a sweet star or heart form- a tattooed birthmark on the face looks subtle and makes you more interesting. Freckles can also be imitated relatively naturally.
  • Stick-and-Poke motifs: Small, simple and cute, stick-and-poke motifs can be stung in the face. The simple mini motifs also fit behind the ear, the earlobe or on the inside of the lip. The more innovative, the better with this trend.
  • Religious motifs: It is not uncommon to see crosses, Peter fish and swords in freshly tattooed faces. Before the jump -off of religious motifs, be aware that you could provoke people from other groups of faith or to offend them.
  • Tattoos in the whole face: If you really like it, your face and neck can be completely tattooed. Most of the time, it is a collection of small motifs that result in a symmetrical whole.

Underline your natural face shape

A facial tattoo should be placed well: Most motifs are only stabbed on one side and thus destroy the symmetrical effect of the face. This can be interesting, but also neglected - attempts to write and symbols according to your natural face shape to create. There are hardly any lines in nature - motifs should therefore also be adapted on the face. Another important factor is the choice of color: dense black lines can be settled more clearly than on dark skin. If you want to write a subtle secret in your face, choose white tattoo paint for white skin. The tattoo can only be seen under certain light conditions.