Foot tattoos - what speaks for it and what about it?

Fußtattoos - was spricht dafür und was dagegen?

Bock on a tattoo on the foot?

Feet are more under the radar in terms of beautification. Sure, we go to the pedicure, take care of them and make our nails. But very few want, for example, "feet like Kim Kardashian" or answers to the question "What do you like on your body best/at least?" With "My right foot!".

Feet are just as they are - or were it! Because in the meantime it has long been a trend to put them up a bit too, and that according to your personal taste: with a tattoo on the foot!

Before we inform you about and against foot tattoos, we have a few inspirations for you:

Tattoo on the foot: What speaks for it?

A clear advantage that plays an important role for many for foot tattoo: Nobody has to know about it! Feet are super easy to hide, most of the time we spend among people, they are covered by socks, tights and shoes anyway. If we then show it in summer and a tattoo comes to light, firstly, it doesn't immediately catch the eye (who is already looking at others?) And secondly, usually triggers a positive surprise effect when someone notices it.

A second big plus point of a foot tatto is that we can look at it ourselves at any time and be happy about it without interconnecting us-unlike, for example, tattoos on the back or back thigh. All the advantages of a tattoo on the foot at a glance:

  • easy to hide
  • clearly visible for the carrier
  • makes an eye -catcher out of an inconspicuous part of the body
  • intimate and personal
  • discreet, but surprising

Tattoo on the foot: What speaks against it?

It was not for nothing that it took a while before foot tattoos have established themselves as a trend, because the place at the lower end of our body has two major disadvantages:

  • Tattooing on the foot hurts comparatively.
  • Foot tattoos fade relatively quickly/the lines move away

The second point in particular is that a few years ago, many tattoo artists are more of a tattoo on the foot. Today we don't have to search for long to find someone who tattooed our feet. But in order to keep the undesired effect as small as possible, you should definitely contact a professional (as with every tattoo)! You (or he) can best advise you in relation to the choice of motifs and provide you with possible night-time procedures that will probably come to you after a while.

Well, and as far as the pain is concerned ... after all, our feet are very small parts of the body, the tattooing and therefore the pain cannot take that long. It also strongly depends on the motif how bad the session really becomes (see below). In the case of one -dimensional motifs that consist only of lines, it is usually much easier to briefly bite your teeth together than with flat tattoos with color and shading.

Our tip: As a precaution, simply adjust to the most terrible pain of your life, then it is guaranteed to be less bad than expected!

Tattoo on the foot: right after the jump -off

In the maintenance effort, a fresh foot tattoo hardly differs from tattoos in other places. On the day immediately after your appointment, your foot can swell - if your motif is very flat, but that should subside significantly the next day. Just stick to the care recommendations that your tattoo artist gives you (you can find the right products with us) and stand up on fashionable restrictions for a week-because there is no way around convenient, loosely fitting shoes!

Still in the mood for a tattoo on the foot? So yes! Only one question arises: What a motif, where exactly and I get vacation at the time, because most tattoo artists advise you to take a few days of vacation (at least people who are in motion a lot in their job).