Frischhaltefolie oder Tattoo Patch?

CLOSE FOLIAL or TATTOO PATCH? - Everything for the correct cover of fresh tattoos

After your first tattoo, you will quickly find out that healing can become a nasty affair and is not for tender minds. Even if the first phase after the stinging is the most uncomfortable: the longer the wound remains covered, the healthier the wound climate of the skin. who Prevent inflammation and crust formation So, should listen to his tattoo artist and let the patch on it until the skin tensions and no more cell water escapes. However, many tattoo artists from the older generation do not use any medical patches, but simply access Cling. But can a kitchen utensil really do the same as a tattoo patch? We make the comparison and give you helpful Tips for tatto saucepan in the first few hours after tattooing.

Why do fresh tattoos have to be packed?

No matter whether small or large tattoos: after the stinging, the fresh wound must be covered. Let's not do anything: tattooing hurts quite a bit and the skin is extremely irritated after stinging. Even the covering of a sweater causes quite problems in the first few hours after tattooing. The better the skin Protected from sharp edges, dust and dirt will be, the more pleasant you can design your first evening with a new tattoo. Devices Pollution In the worst case, the skin can even ignite into the open wound. With a tight -fitting and clean (!) Slide, you protect your freshly tattooed skin from dirt and the Wound does not dry out too quickly. So the damaged cells can optimally regenerate And the color pigments under the skin are preserved.

Comparison patch and cling film: Choose the medical alternative

  • To cover your fresh tattoos you can use both patches and cling film. Since cling film actually serves to wrap dog food boxes, onions and other foods, you can think that one Medical skin patch the better choice is. In case of doubt: better kitchen film than nothing to wrap!
  • A Patch lies tight on the skin And there are also no wrinkles on the elbow, on the knee or stomach. Clook film slips Fast and the escaping wound water collects more in some places than in others - if you use cling film, you should wash your tattoo a little more often and wrap it up.
  • Tattoopatches are sterile And do not leave bacteria on the freshly tattooed skin. If you use kitchen film for covering, be sure to buy a fresh role and under no circumstances use the remnant from your baking drawer to To prevent contamination.
  • A patch is self -adhesive And you don't need an unsightly wiping band to attach. If it lies on the skin once, it can hardly be recognized. With cling film and adhesive tape, your new tattoo looks like in the first few days Like a pledged room wall, however, the construction serves the purpose.
  • Our Tattoomed Protection Patches are breathable And ensure a healthy wound climate during the first phase of cell regeneration. With cling film you protect the skin from dirt and the Wound does not dry out, however, the skin cannot breathe properly and the healing process takes longer.
  • Both patches and cling film should never be used twice. If a corner detaches, you prefer to swap the entire cover. Tattoomed protection patches hold without problems up to 5 days on the skin. Creamlion film feels very much after just a few hours uncomfortable on the skin on, especially with large tattoos and sleeves.

So you care for fresh tattoos properly

  • The first patch must be applied immediately after the jump -off. If the tattoo artist chooses simple cling film, prefer to let them on it and switch to the patch on the first regular cleaning.
  • It is even better If you just bring your patch to the tattoo date And the tattoo artist Bittest to do without cling film.
  • Should the Worst case occur and the tattooed skin ignites, but still use a patch and Use a disinfectant ointment after washing. In the event of inflammation, your dermatologist takes over the treatment - not the tattoo artist.
  • The skin must be covered with foil or a patch until the wounds are closed and an exciting layer of new skin forms. Never rubbing or hardened skin or tinkering!
  • If you let yourself be tattooed in a clearly visible place or is just midsummer, use ours Tattoomed Protection Patch Black, To protect your tattoo from UV light. After tattooing, the natural skin barrier is destroyed and UV radiation penetrates the skin unhindered without protection.