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Friendship tattoos - the best ideas at a glance

Friendship tattooos are very special - after all, not everyone can simply wear one. You have to earn them first. It is of course a special honor when friends and partners want to share lifelong memories in the form of tattoos. Of course, it is up to you whether you choose a very personal motif or want to wear a trend motif as a sign of your friendship. For inspiration, we have compiled a few creative ideas for friendship tattoos:

How do you recognize friendship Atattoos?

Couple and friendship tattoos can be designed differently. Some only make sense together (for example on the hand or on the foot), others will designed by friend or partner and create a connection like this, others can be Identical symbols Sting to chisel joint beliefs and values ​​in stone (or in the skin). An extreme (but very popular) proof of love is that Surname or that portrait a loved one. For outsiders, partner and friendship tattoos cannot necessarily be recognized as such. That could be an advantage if you argue with your friend or partner.

Who needs something like that? Common reasons for friendship tattoos

  • As proof of love for the partner or as a wedding ritual.
  • In honor of family members.
  • As a memory of good times with friends.
  • Comrades in military professionals show their loyalty with "friendship tattoos".
  • Also somehow friendship tattoos: clan tattoos and self-stabbed "jail tattoos".

The most beautiful ideas for friendship tattoos

  1. Rings, bracelets, foot chains
    Fresh fiancee and couples traditionally seal their love with a ring. During sports, showering and on other occasions, such a metallic ring can sometimes be quite annoying. In order to always have the wedding ring with you, many couples can therefore be tattooed around the ring fingers.

    Tattooed arm and foot chains have a similar sense. The designs can be supplemented by various "trailers" and so varied meanings. Choose a symbol, a letter or a color for every friend and always wear your loved ones with you.
  2. Motifs to combine
    If you are artistically gifted or know a creative tattoo artist with a lot of experience in the jump-off of partner tattoos, you can share a combination motif with your friend. These motifs can be hidden and individually placed Or so that you and your friend hold them together and thus combine them into a (new) motif. Pot and lids, cactus and buckets, cakes and icing on the cake - the possible combinations are as diverse and invidual as you. Of course, this category also includes all couple tattoos with half the heart
  3. Indicator
    Whether symbols of films or books, numbers to memory of special moments or the logo of your old favorite lemonade-there is hardly anything that would not be a meaningful friendship tattoo. Identical identification mark are not only suitable for connections between two people, but can also serve as a sign of loyalty in groups.
  4. Portrait tattoos
    Even if the tattoo is only made one-sided, pet tattoos are somehow among the friendship tattoos. Most pets are displayed photo -realistic or designed as a comic version of their own. Of course, this can also be done with human busts and faces. If you are for a Naturalistic portrait Decide by another person, find out exactly which tattoo artists offer and master this style.

Friendship knows no rules

Of course there is no rule of thumb to see how a good friendship tattoo should look. This makes this trend so beautiful and diverse: when choosing style and motif, it depends entirely on you and your (tattoo) partner. Whether black and white or colorful, dotwork or photo-realistic, funny or serious. You decide how you feel comfortable and what your little friendship proof should look like.

You should consider these tips if you get a friendship tattoo

  • Partners and friendship tattoos are Nothing for everyone. Just because you let your girlfriend's name stand on your forearm, you should not automatically assume that she does the same with your name. Never push someone to a tattoo that he or she doesn't want.
  • In addition, it is not guaranteed that your friend or partner really on your skin wants to be immortalized. A partner tattoo as a "surprise" brought home quickly causes arguments instead of romance.
  • Tattoos are not to undo, but have to be elaborately overflowed or removed by laser. So consider whether you really need the name of your current girlfriend on your chest (forever) or whether it also does a small symbol to which another interpretation can be attached.

A friendship tattoo is also a tattoo

Even if friendship tattoos are usually very small: they need the same care as large -scale motifs. Even for a small point, tattoo artists usually take a minimum fee of 50 to 90 euros - after all, even the smallest tattoos are needed Sterile needles, high quality color and time for advice. If your tattoos should fit together exactly, visit the same tattoo artist and let it stab the tattoos one after the other. So colors, contours and style fit together.