Familientattoos - die meist nachgefragte Art der Körperkunst?
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Family tattoos - the most popular and versatile motifs

If you look around in the circle of friends, parties or in the outdoor pool, you will always come to mind recurring tattooth On: tattoos with family reference are among the most common tattoo homotives. You can find out why and which family tattoo ideas are most popular and most creative here:

What are family tattoos?

Family tattoos can be designed very differently, but mostly have similar meanings: a deceased or living family member is honored with a personal motive who is honored Value of family In itself, it is emphasized or formative experiences and memories in connection with the family are recorded. Tattoo fans come to the tattoo artist on very different occasions, or simply want to express the cohesion with their loved ones or a certain family member. So a family tattoo is always something very personal and symbolizes cohesion, respect and family wood.

These occasions are often chosen for family tattoos

  • Family tattoos can express joy or grief (sometimes even both): Many tattoo fans can stab family tattoos after the death of a beloved family member. Some want to be easy with a tattoo express their love and respect for the family.
  • The birth of a child is very special: mothers, fathers, uncle, aunts and godparents hold them wonderful memories of childhood Your protégés like to fix with a tattoo - after all, they will grow up so quickly!
  • In order to feel connected to a family member, you sometimes don't even have to know your ancestors personally. Anecdotes, merits and places combine relatives over generations and are also often the reason for a family tattoo.
  • Also Partner motifs We are happy to be chosen: Tattooing becomes a family experience and you can choose suitable motif combinations for two, three, four or five family members.

You should pay attention to this with the family tattoo

If you are planning a tattoo as a proof of love for one or more family members, speak your tattoo idee beforehand with the lucky one. After all, such a tattoo should also please the honored one! An advantage with partner tattoos within the family: Hardly any argument can really separate you and it is rather unlikely that you will refer to such a tattoo at some point.

Classic motifs for family tattoos

  • Lettering: Names, dates of birth or "family", "La Familia" and "Ohana" - you can bring in creative ideas and simply express your feelings in words.
  • Symbols: In addition to the classic heart with a banner, flowers (every leaf stands for a family member) or trees are used as symbols for family connection.
  • Portraits: If you want to have a detailed portrait made by a family member, contact a tattoo artist who specializes in naturalistic motifs.
  • Minimalist tattoos: If you like it inconspicuous and simple, you like to immortalize your family in the form of points, strips, triangles, stars and other minimalist motifs on your skin. One advantage: Such a minimal tattoo is easy to expand when there is family growth, and the personal sense behind the tattoo is not obvious for everyone.
  • Freeze time: Signatures of children, old love letters, drawings, hand or footprints and other very personal originals are unique and touching (even if they are often chosen as a motif).

Innovative family tattoo trends and ideas

  • Idealized mother-father-child team or sibling hero couple appear in many children's stories that often shape us and are remembered forever. Do you feel through Dumbo and his mother, Mufasa in Lion King, the beaver brothers or mother-child team in the real animal kingdom reminded of your family, they can be represented in different sizes and styles on the skin. This idea is also ideal for partner tattoos.
  • The family also plays a major role in many books, films and series: with a family coat of arms in game of Thrones Look, a stylized Bob's burger Tattoo or a tattoo with star Wars You can express your love for family and your love for the story in a motif.
  • Instead of a classic portrait, you can Pictures of family members Also immortalize on your skin in the minimalist style or create iconized figures and symbols. After all, everyone has something unique whether this is a striking tobacco pipe, a certain hairstyle, a distinctive piece of clothing or an extraordinary passion.

Contact a creative artist

The tattoo artist you trust has already had a lot of experience with family tattoos and knows exactly how he Abstract ideas make beautiful motifs can. Many tattoo artists design their motifs with a lot of patience and dedication for their customers and listen carefully to them during the preliminary discussion. Explain to your tattoo artist who is particularly important to you why this is so and what beautiful memories and thoughts combine with these people. Together you can do so individual Design tattoo ideasthat suits you and your loved ones like a glove.