Die richtige Stelle fürs Tattoo finden
Jenny ist Tattooliebhaberin und Unternehmerin aus Leidenschaft. TattooMed heute als veganer Begleiter von Millionen Tätowierten ab Tag 1 bis hin zur dauerhaften Pflege von Tattoos zu sehen ist ihr Antrieb. Als großer Festival Fan findet sie ihren Ausgleich in ihren Reisen in die USA und im Tierschutz.

Find the right place for the tattoo

As if the choice of the motif and the artist were not already difficult enough - the position should also be well over. Due to social views and aesthetics, this is not that easy. However, if you ask yourself the right questions, the right part of the body will be found quickly and the risk of remorse is low.

What questions should I ask myself?

Before you decide to tattoo, you should have answered all of these questions clearly so that you will not refer your decision later. After all, this form of body jewelry is permanent and very difficult to remove. These are the questions you can ask yourself:

  • How big do I want my motif?
  • Are visible tattoo plates suitable for my job?
  • Do I have any more, larger tattoo tiles?
  • Which places are too painful for me?
  • Is my motif too delicate/too fine?
  • Will the tattoo impair me in old age?
  • Is my motif just a trend motif or does it really suit me?
  • Could my personal connection to my tattoo change?

As soon as you have answered these questions conscientiously, your desired work of art doesn't get much in the way. The decision to tattoo is often underestimated - do your favor and rethink it as precisely as possible.

Influence of a tattoo in the job?

It is very clear - the professional world is still rather conservative and, especially in interviews, tattoos are a minus point in most cases and should therefore be better hidden. Even if the selected industry is rather liberal, you prefer to be on the safe side.

The choice of the body site for an ink work is therefore extremely important with regard to your job. If it is difficult to hide, it represents a permanent hurdle and probably also takes a lot of pleasure. Bodies such as hands and face are almost a no-go, the arms and the chest are critical. The location is more relaxed with feet and calves, but these areas are often visible. If you don't always want to make sure that the clothes really cover everything, you should choose a place like the lower back or the thigh. However, it is still important that the motif is not neglected. Not easy!


The aesthetically correct choice of the position for a tattoo

So that the tattoo comes as good as possible, the motif should fit the chosen part of the body - and the other way around! If, for example, the motif would have to be reduced to be placed in one place, it is important that it does not become too small and therefore more unrecognizable. The perspective distortion by, for example, a position such as the knee must be observed so that the image can also work well.

A very small motif will possibly appear lost in the middle of the back, and a very large motif can also fill a small area like the back of the foot. Clearly, the area and tattoo motif must be well coordinated so that you really achieve a nice aesthetic effect.

Those who care about aesthetics in old age are often incomprehensible at tatto fans: "Even without tattoos, old skin is no longer so beautiful!" is the tenor. Remember the Tattoohl that you will still wear it or under the skin in many years. If you are absolutely sure that you will be happy with your skin beautification even in senior citizens, it is a good decision.