The PMU series for sensitive skin after permanent make-up treatments

Die PMU Serie für sensible Haut nach Permanent Make-up Behandlungen

The PMU series for sensitive skin after permanent make-up treatments

Permanent make-up and microblading-no problem for your skin!

Permanent beauty corrections on the face belong For women (and men) today for normal personal care. The interventions are hardly more complex or painful than conventional tattooing and ensure a perfect and natural look at the same time. After PMU treatment, the skin therefore needs similarly intensive care and should be exposed to heavy loads during the regeneration process and beyond. Because the facial skin is even more sensitive than skin on the body, we have included the particularly gentle tattoomed PMU series in our range.

Acute relief for stressed facial skin

Our facial skin sometimes plays pretty crazy. Every skin type reacts differently to irritation and irritation: redness, swelling or changes in the complexion plague many even at the smallest touch or irritate the face. In order to calm your skin after a strenuous PMU treatment and to protect germs from penetration, use the Tattoomed PMU acute Cream already on the first day of application. You can also bring the practical tube directly to the appointment so that your PMU specialist can apply it immediately.

These areas need special care after PMU treatment

  • At the Microblading Tiny scratches are placed between the real brows and filled with pigments. So the brow looks fuller and the color remains of course.
  • the Tattoomed PMU acute Posle remotion was dermatologically tested And can also be applied near mucous membranes without being irritated or burning.
  • PMU Eyeliners and the sensitive skin areas around the eyes and the lips can also be supplied with the soothing cream.


Gentle facial care in two stages

In the first two to three days after PMU treatment, the skin is red and maybe even slightly swollen. The soft Tattoomed PMU acute Ointment calms the skin and prevents scab formation. After two days comes the Tattoomed PMU Care Ointment used, which contributes to the PMU color pigments being locked in the skin cleanly.

So you contribute to the success of PMU treatment

  • Use the ointments several times a day, to protect the skin from drying out and to promote cell regeneration.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before applying (and generally before every facial treatment). Also pay attention to yours in everyday life Face skin not to touch.
  • Follow the Instructions of your PMU specialist I agree. You should avoid UV radiation and wet throughout the skin throughout the regeneration phase.
  • How sensitive your facial skin reacts to PMU treatment depends on various factors such as the skin type, the season and even on your current stress level. Let it take it easy in the days after PMU treatment And do not load your skin unnecessarily through sporting activities, alcohol consumption or scratch.
  • The perfume -free tattoomed PMU ointments can be applied to any area on the face. You can also treat irritated skin areas with our products after hair transplants, scar treatments or hair removal.