Corona tattoos - these ideas already exist

Corona Tattoos – Diese Ideen gibt es bereits

Corona tattoos - these ideas already exist

As is well known, there is nothing that does not already have a tattoo. Innovative motifs bring dynamics into the tattoo scene and set new trends. The artistic concept of many tatto fans includes motifs that reflect drastic experiences or historical events. No wonder that some trendsetters are already The first corona tattoos Wear under the skin. Whether as a protective symbol, as a memory of a difficult time or as an ironic joke - we have already couted for you what ideas were witty tattoo artists.

Why a Covid-19 tattoo?

For many socially critical people, the current pandemic is a clear sign that something is going wrong with the world. This apocapyptic mood is also reflected in the tattoos that take up Corona motifs. For some, such a toilet paper motif is also just a little joke to make the viewer smile. Here are a few examples of cool symbol combinations that circulate on the Internet:

1. "Corona Survivor"

Perhaps a bit hastily, but definitely ensures conversation: "Corona Survivor" tattoos in the form of lettering on toilet paper rolls or small orders apparently find many tattoo carriers hilarious. Some creative minds correctly make the statement and can be a small one "Maybe" or "For now" Sting under the motif as a footnote.

2. masks

Portraits, comic figures, smileys, even masks now wear masks to protect themselves from infection. The trick works with humorous motifs as well as motifs with a rather dark message. A hot candidate for the next permanent trend is that Dinosaurs with respiratory protection mask - The cynical motif can be designed in many ways and conveys a clear picture of how life is on our planet.

3. Corona beer

The joke just doesn't get old. Corona bottles with gas masks or Biohazard Signs clearly express the longing for good old nightlife. By the way, after a small low at the beginning of the crisis, the beer sells above average - at the counter you will surely make the bottle motif laugh here and there.

4. Crowns

Corona means crown - smart tatto fans therefore use the classic tatto symbol to represent 2020. After a difficult time you can get like this Put on the crown and look ahead.

5. Plest masks and plague maps

Even more masks - in every form they appear on the skin of tatto fans all over the world. Apart from medical masks with earrings, many also choose military gas masks Or the eerie Plest masks from the Middle Ages as a tattoo motif.

6. Organic forms

Anyone who has switched on their TV in recent months or browsing messages on their cell phones will certainly have a precise idea of ​​what viruses look like. the spiky and enjoyed balls Now appear more and more in colorful sleeves. Comic viruses with cute eyes are also chosen by tattoofans as a motif for the skin.

7. Klopapier

In Germany, many at Corona think of empty supermarket shelves and weeks of toilet paper. The toilet paper phenomenon, which, by the way, occurred in Germany and the USA most, take many humorous tattoo wearers as an opportunity to finally let a role get under the skin. Looks like a lost bet, but certainly makes viewers smile. The toilet tape pulled out can also serve as a substrate for funny lettering.

8. Bats

Pigs, camels, rats, birds, bats - Some of the most deadliest diseases on our planet owe people to our improper use of wild animals and cattle. Tattoo carriers who want to focus on this grievance are therefore also happy to be tattooed with a mask or an angry facial expression. The message of the motif is not necessarily immediately apparent, which saves you unwanted discussions.

A question of the type

A Covid-19 tattoo is one Personal comment on the current events. Of course, not everyone is created for such a spontaneous motif that is a child of his time. After all, a tattoo remains under the skin forever and can only be completely hidden at a few parts of the body. If you have one or two tattoos so far that are rather personal, such a Corona tattoo would strongly stand out without a personal relationship. If you already Some fun tattoos If or generally you are the type that collects many small stories in the form of symbols and pictures on his body, the trend could fuel your creativity and lead to a nice new motif for your skin.

Beware of sensitive topics

A funny corona tattoo is of course always a small provocation: your tattoo will surely be in many rounds for Conversation worries! Also keep in mind that there are many affected people who could find a joke about an illness tasteless - because they suffer financially, work in the medical field, were sick themselves or even lost someone. So choose the place for your tattoo advisedly out! Such a provocation on your hands, neck, face or other clearly visible places could be arrested, even if you don't want it at all.