Blackout Tattoo - was ist das?
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Blackout tattoos-all about the minimalist tattoo trend

On the net and on the street, individualists with blackout tattoos are increasingly encountered-large areas of skin are evenly blackened with tattoo paint and give your wearer an extraordinary and rather dark look. We clarify what the new tattoo trend is Tattoomed Blog on.

Nothing for a delicacy

A blackout tattoo is also noticeable among hard-boiled tattoo fans. As a cover-up in Connection with geometric designs the pitch -black motifs are particularly popular. The motifs testify to a certain dedication to body art and make small lettering and funny motifs appear almost childish. That Blacken a complete skin area Inevitably brings pain with it and requires a lot of patience. So that the large-scale tattoos heal evenly and do not create spots in the motif, you should definitely maintain a new blackout tattoo correctly and the wound healing with the Tattoomed after tattoo Support ointment. Proper care for blackout tattoos

  • Protect the blackened skin on rainy days Tattoomed Sun Protect 25 or Tattoomed Daily Care Skin care before UV radiation.
  • After the stinging of blackout tattoos, flu symptoms and circulatory problems occur relatively frequently.
  • In large -scale tattoos, well -supplied skin areas heal faster than exciting skin on the joints.
  • Dry skin areas lay a gray veil over the tattoo - nourishing creams donating the skin moisture.
  • You should avoid blackout tattoos on skin peelings and intensive sunbathing.
  • Large tattoos thresholds under the influence of UV light or with high blood pressure and can burn or itch. Cooling Tattoomed Ointments calm the skin and protect the colors from fading.

Black is beautiful

Blackout tattoos have no ritual or traditional origin and are not attributed to any specific culture. The tattoos are mostly pure fashion statements-the body becomes completely aesthetic means of expression. Fans of minimalism and purists can make their bodies into modern works of art with the clean designs. The edges of the large -scale tattoos end in straight edges or the black runs out in geometric patterns. If colored motifs are supposed to stand out even more bright, you can also let the Black-All-over tattoo sting between your colorful designs as a filling background.


Not for beginners

A blackout tattoo is a demanding task for every tattoo artist: the color must be covered and evenly brought under the skin. If the tattoo artist works carelessly, pale and dark edges are created as when painting with a flat. Although the motifs are not very complex, you should only leave the stinging of blackout tattoos to professionals. Some tattoo artists are even fans of the stylish trend and specialize in blackout tattoos and geometric patterns. Others, in turn, find black surfaces unreautively and prefer to devote themselves to colorful motifs. For a blackout tattoo, you may have to change the tattoo artist temporarily. Artists with experience adapt blackout tattoos aesthetically to the natural body shape, so that the result flatters the eye.

Advantages and disadvantages of black body art

In some cases, blackout tattoos make sense to cover unpleasant youth sins. Not all tattoos are for a Blackout cover-up Suitable: If the skin is scarred or if inferior colors were used, the old contours are often still recognizable despite cover-up and take its uniformity to the tattoo. Faded tattoos and watercolor motifs without contours are easier to blacken and disappear completely from the black tattoo color. A controversial style A blackout tattoo lets a certain anti-attitude resonate. Both tattooed and non-tattooed people often find the physical beauty without concrete statement strange and somewhat scary, especially when large parts of the body are covered with blackout patterns or appear completely black. So you have to put up with the one or the other stupid question or raised eyebrow in almost any environment - sometimes that also makes up for the blackening.

Blackout tattoos as a health risk?

In general, a blackout tattoo brings with it the same risks as a normal tattoo. Since the skin is attacked by a large area, defense reactions of the body are stronger than after the stinging of smaller motifs. In view of the large amount of color injected under your skin, you should definitely be before stinging Check ingredients and you the Confirm harmlessness of the color to let. Many black tones in the tattoo industry contain PAK colors, which are obtained from soot particles and can contain carbonic carbon. Vegan colors are best suited without synthetic preservatives