Bachelorette 2020 Melissa Damilia and her tattoos: What motives do the 24-year-old power woman move?

Bachelorette 2020 Melissa Damilia und ihre Tattoos: Welche Motive bewegen die 24-jährige Powerfrau?

Bachelorette Melissa Damilia and her tattoos: What motives do the 24-year-old power woman move?

All of Germany is crazy about Melissa Damilia. After an unsuccessful but extremely personable appearance at Love Island 2019, many spectators could not forget them. Including Pietro Lombardi, who sent her a love stud in her in Love Island Villa and thus gave her even more media attention. Even though Everybody's Darling Melissa According to his own statements, Pietro's "best kiss of her life" got, nothing came of it that was also released in the media. After a short liaison with reality beauty Richard Heinze, she still appears in various reality formats alone. So the sweet brunette from Herrenberg remains the darling of German television and one of the most sought -after single women in the country. Also through their tattoos it stands out from average reality stars And cuts a great figure. We have studied the motifs carefully and explain the meaning of Melissa's taunts.

Melissa's armsleeve

Already at her first TV appearance, Melissa wore a complete black and white armsleeve on the left. The sleeve has an intelligent and profound concept: from the shoulder to the wrist it is about the big film stars of the post -war period. Let's take a closer look at this:

  • Audrey Hepburn is one of the largest style of the past century. The famous portrait picture reflects your sweet girl-nex-door look.
  • Marilyn Monroe stands for the sensual, lavishly equipped sex bomb and diva. Both stereotypes faced each other in the 50s and 1960s and still influence women in their self -image. Melissa also seems deeply impressed by the contrast of Femme fatal and Femme fragile.
  • Charlie Chaplin is another important representative of the film world of the 1950s. Even during the Second World War, he dared to take into account political parodies and saw the strange in the terrible. At that time he also developed his mustache, which was supposed to make Adolf Hitler ridiculous at the time. Because of the beard, some of Melissa's fans thought the portrait of an Adolf Hitler tattoo-pretty embarrassing! The Charlie Chaplin portrait (by the way, photo -realistic and very nicely stung) remains a cool homage to the comedies of the 20th century.
  • Heinz Erhardt became known as a comedian and actor in Germany after the war and is still one of the most influential comedians of the past century. As a German, he falls out of line. Melissa has a good reason for her choice of motif: The humorous records by Heinz Erhardt are reminiscent of her grandmother and are part of her best childhood memories with OMI. Sweet is not it?

Comedy instead of Tragedy: Melissa loves the strange

If you take a closer look at Melissa's Sleeve, one thing becomes clear: Although tears are more triggered on TV, the 24-year-old stops at the positive attitude to life Fixed that she got through her grandma and the light aesthetics of the film world after the Second World War. All four megastars on their arm are committed to the comedy, they have Funny, romantic and seductive Film scenes rotated that still influence film art.

More motifs under Melissa's skin

  • Brand new: A tiny rose that was wrapped with a snake. The underboob tattoo is located directly on your sternum and can only be seen in very revealing moments.
  • OmOm is a syllable that plays an important role in many Asian religions. In Hinduism it stands for the primal sound from which the entire universe was created. It is connected to the divine and the transcendent. A tattoo for spiritual people who strive for harmony and think deeply about their existence.
  • A moon: The importance of the small sickle moon remains a mystery so far. Sailor Moon, love for night or a friendship tattoo? We do not know it!
  • A wave: A tiny wave on the ankle is just as mysterious as the small moon. According to rumors, Melissa recently had this tattoo removed.
  • Love palm - Love Island not only brings lovers, but also friends for life. Almost all participants in the Love Island Season 2019 have a joint friendship tattoo stabbed. So also Melissa!

Tattoo removal with consequences

Melissa took two tattoos shortly before her participation in the show Fight of reality stars have it removed. A motif reveals her: a cross on her finger was laserered off in a follow -up session. Melissa does not justify the tattoo removal with a waste from faith, but would rather treat her belief - something very personal - as a private matter. The second distant tattoo has the Bachelorette 2020 so far not revealed. One thing is clear: Even small laser distances can lead to skin problems! After the laser date, small bubbles formed and Melissa had to be treated in a hospital to be fit for the camera in time.