Artist of November - Topic: Plants

Artist of November - Thema: Pflanzen

Artist of November - Topic: Plants

Today we present our first winner Tilo/ Electric Traditionals. Thank you very much for participating!

Imagine us briefly

Hello, my name is Tilo, I am 31 years old and live with my wife and my 2 dogs in Worms.

How and why did you become a tattoo artist

At the time, I came to tattoo, relatively late, through a well -known tattoo artist. At that time I was in a permanent position as a draftsman and was extremely full of this profession after about 3 years. The independence is also in the family, my parents have been self -employed since I can think.

Describe your style in your own words

I prefer to tattoo motifs in neo -traditional and blackwork style.

Neotraditional: Traditional motifs that are interpreted “new”.

Neo = new, I try the small details in my motifs and e.g. To represent subdivisions of areas in a greywash (greylines)

Blackwork: I try to give the motif to depth solely through the lines.

From extremely thick lines to super fine lines everything is included.

How do you work your motifs?

As a reference for my “neotrads”, I only use photos from nature, for example. Animal photographs and photos of Art Nouveau elements, plants etc. At the beginning of my career I still drawn my motifs with pencil, I am currently working on my motifs with the iPad and the Procreate program.

Mandalas and Blackwork Work mostly arise freely on the skin or spontaneously in my free spirit.

What was the first tattoo you stabbed?

I don't know exactly anymore, in the initial phase it all went quite quickly. But I think I tattooed my own name to my twin brother, and immediately afterwards I got his name tattooed by him. My brother Yvo was ready to be tattooed by me from the start, from today's perspective it was the best that I could have done, maybe not the choice of motif and the exercise, but I am very grateful for the area provided for the area available Practice, we then blackened our arm relatively quickly, the motifs were simply not good quality, but I think that is normal for the beginning.

What do you like best about your job?

I love to make “my thing”, to design something new every day, make people happy and of course that someone wears a tattoo of you on your skin until he dies.

What was the strangest tattoo request so far?

I once had a request for a tattoo on the penis, he wanted to have tattooed the “real leather” sign on it, but the tattoo never came about, luckily.

What advice would you give people who can be tattooed for the first time?

Check out the tattoo artist exactly beforehand, what work does he do, what style he pursues. Check out the shop, ask if you can see the work area, let the hygiene plan show you, in need or the colors it uses. A tattoo artist who has nothing to hide will show you all of this and educate you exactly about all risks.

Which artists inspire and influence you?

I love love Alphonse Mucha, one best, in my opinion. I am enthusiastic about the young style. The exhibition in Prague flashed me completely.

That says on your bucket list:

I can't really say that I actually always let everything come to me. I am also a control man and perfectionist, but you shouldn't worry too much about everything.

Here new customers can find you:

Tattoo Studio: Mustache Ink
Insta: @electric_traditionals
Facebook: Electric Traditionals