Are you the one 2021 - a new season full of singles, naked skin and cool tattoos

Are You the One 2021 – Eine neue Staffel voller Singles, nackter Haut und cooler Tattoos

Are you the one 2021 - a new season full of singles, naked skin and cool tattoos

If you have the female participants in the single show Are you the one Asks about their preferences in men, there is only one answer: tattoos, tattoos, tattoos. It should be tattooed, most participants admit. Small and large motifs are also widespread among the girls and almost all current trend motifs are represented. We have The participants of the show and the moderator Sophia Thomalla take a closer look at -For some tatto fans, the trend motifs of the X, Y and Z-celebrities are an absolute no-go, others like to be inspired by trends.

The tattoos of the girls

Among the Are you the one There is hardly any girls without hidden messages under the skin. Nesthäkchen Vanessa hides her mini tattoo well, but indicates that men with big tattoos impress them. However, the girls themselves adorn themselves in front of the needle: hardly any motif exceeds the size of a bottle cover, also finely stabbed lettering Flash more often under the clothes, but are deliberately so small and dainty that they are hardly readable even up close. Secret messages and motto are simply part of the good tone for millennials. We have deciphered a few of the Secret Messages for you:

We were able to decipher these minimalist tattoos:
  • Christin with the wild curls wears a couple tiny birds On the shoulder that fly away. The associated saying is even tinier that it is not recognizable even in HD quality.
  • Jill wears two hard -to -decorable lettering: Art on the neck and hop in the elbow - both in capital letters and still small and inconspicuous.
  • Laura wears a small one Eye on the wrist.
  • Melissa is on shy tattoos: a small one clef And one number on the ankle, plus two lettering on the arm and on the ribs, which are really so microscopically small that even close -ups and stopping image could not help to decipher them.

exceptions prove the rule

In this season there are only a few women who wear large tattoos:

  • The is unmistakable Linethat meanders through the deep neckline by Jill. Sophia Thomalla's shoulder also adorns a teeth -horny snake that ensures a tough look.
  • Sabrina's look is from one Armsleeve with waves and lotus blossom crowned.
  • Mirjam has that Skull chosen as their symbol, which shines clearly on the forearm.
  • Also vanessas Wing on the forearm are rather dark than angelic.
  • The Sleeve of Viktoria, which has been designed in large areas, has been designed to be color-coordinated. Beauty & The Nerd was expanded to include a few small motifs. The statue of freedom centrally adorns its arm.

The tattoos of the Are you the one men

The men in this season do not do any things: Those who are tattooed are not satisfied with a large motif or small lettering like the women. A few gentlemen of creation do without tattoos, just like Marcel, who instead with clearly visible contact lenses draws attention to itself. When looking closely, it is striking that the tattooed men reveal much of their personality through their tattoos:

  • Germain Wears the eye of the Osiris on the chest, right next to a rose pattern with crown. On his shoulder, he wears a dog's portrait - his own four -legged friend or a symbolic wolf, as the hidden lettering on the arm suggests? Only he can answer that. And that makes his tattoos so interesting!
  • Sascha Is the spiritual type: from Christian motifs to zodiac signs, compass and mandala to profound motifs such as a staircase that leads to a dial, everything is included.
  • Marvin Is a serious guy and wants others to see that. A huge moth extends her wings on his stomach. Darkly designed clowns round off the look with a light horrorouch.