Cover Up Tattoo: Die Rettung durch Überstechen
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For youth sins, works of art become works of art: everything worth knowing about cover-ups

A tattoo is for eternity - if you regret it at some point, you can at least cover it with a new tattoo. Cover-ups are common in the tattoo scene. Whether to cover small youth sins or faded motifs, a Fresh and color -intensive tattoo can save many things. If you like it extremely or want to get rid of large -scale tattoos, you can simply have complete parts of the body with one blackout Let the tattoo blacken. You can find out what you should consider when planning a cover-up:

Cover-up or laser treatment? Pros and cons

  • A cover-up hurts more than a normal tattoo. Laser treatment is again even more painful than a cover-up.
  • A cover-up motif must be significantly darker than the tattoo below.
  • In some cases, it makes sense to treat the old motif with laser before a new cover-up can be stung.

These tattoos are suitable for covering

The smaller a tattoo, the easier it is Integrate into a new motif. Thick black lines are more difficult to hide than finely engraved tattoos, and certain colors can also Only with black surfaces be covered. The cover-up motif should therefore be adapted exactly to the tattoo to be covered so that no colors later shimmer through. In principle, a tattoo artist can even beat tribal motifs with large black surfaces and many contours with a cover-up. A cover-up works best if the new motif has many dark areas and patterns.

Is the old tattoo really no longer visible after covers?

How good a cover-up the old motif covereddoes not only depend on the choice of motif. You have already noticed that certain colors or contours react differently to sunlight, high blood pressure or friction than other tattooed areas. This occurs particularly frequently with colors with soot substances, which were previously used in studios. If your old tattoo on hot days swell, it can happen that the contours are visible in the light. If you look closely at the skin structure around the tattoo, you sometimes recognize old lettering or contours.

Which cover-ups stab tattoo artists most often?

  • Lettering, numbers and letters can be easily converted into colorful motifs. The name of the ex-Freund quickly becomes a flower or your old party pointed name.
  • Is a motif become too small Or the style no longer fits the zeitgeist, you can have the same topic contrasting and greater.
  • Blackout tattoos are monochrome black and cover entire parts of the body. So you can make complete sleeves disappear under black color and, if necessary, with Carving New contrasts provide individualists with courage and perseverance).
  • Or is an old tattoo yours new sleeve concept In the way? Older motifs can often be integrated into larger patterns, whether in their original version or as a cover-up cover-up.

Dissatisfied with your old tattoo? Your tattoo artist can help you

If an old motif disturbs you and you need a realizable and stylish idea for a new tattoo, first contact your tattoo artist or search in social networks Cover-up professionals. Many well-known tattoo artists have now specialized in saving tattoo sins. The artists enjoy making improved designs for crashed motifs and returning their customers the joy of color. With a cover-up you should leave essential artistic decisions to your tattoo artist, so trust is the most important basic requirement.

These motifs indicate cover-ups

  • Lettering is easy to Rose petals or Lotus flowers incorporate.
  • Tribals often disappear under Crow wings, fish scales or other natural hatching.
  • Unesthetic portraits become common Medusen, clowns or Mexican skull masks.
  • Also Waves and clouds Are popular space fillers and overlapping protruding edges and lines.
  • Motifs of animals with dark fur are also suitable for covering very colorful tattoos.

Cover-ups for scars: is that possible?

If you carry a scar with you after an operation or after an accident, you can possibly be with a cleverly stung cover-up completely disappear. Tattoo paint does not run under scarred skin - however, a deep scratch in the finished tattoo can be seen after healing and no longer carries pigments. If your tattoo has been damaged by an injury or if you want to cover an uncomfortable scar with a new tattoo, contact an experienced tattoo artist who is familiar with cover-ups and also knows how to deal with difficult skin types. To the Covering of scars Or very special motifs are only suitable by damaged tattoos, which are usually adapted to the shape and nature of the scar. So you can't be too picky with such a tattoo. Dark and hard Birthmark By the way, shouldn't be tattooed! Before tattooing, be better treated by a dermatologist before tattooing.