8 tips to avoid gift stress at Christmas

8 Tipps um Geschenkestress an Weihnachten zu vermeiden

8 tips to avoid gift stress at Christmas

Christmas seems to be completely surprising every year. The further December progresses, the fuller the business. Parishes come too late or on the last pusher and instead of Christmas mood Only one thing comes up: Stress! This year, a mulled wine at the Christmas market does not seem to be an alternative for stressed Christmas shoppers. We have 8 tips, with which you can reduce your gift stress at Christmas and yours Nevertheless, give friends and family rich can:

1. Create a gift list

To do lists make everything easier. Instead of running through the city without a plan or making panic online purchases, you should make a permanent plan, Who should be given and what could like your loved ones. If you have a rough idea of ​​your gift pile, you can rap the right shops in the shortest possible time and Satisfactory little ticks Set your list.

2. Start with your purchases now

The closer December 24th, the full it becomes in the city centers. Since the number of online purchases is increasing massively this year, you must also expect that orders will not be delivered on time and delivery times are extended. If you want to make sure that all gifts are under the tree for Christmas, you should start shopping now. Of the Black Friday It has also arrived in Germany - this means that many discounts are waiting for you at the end of November.

3. Give away vouchers and gourmet packages

Some people are more difficult to give than others. If you have tatto fans in the circle of friends, you can go to one of our lovingly packed Tattoomed Xmas Bundles to grab. In addition to our nourishing creams and lotions, each bundle also contains a tattoog voucher of 5 euros. In addition, a tattoo voucher can be purchased In every tattoo studio can be redeemed and a welcome grant for tattoo projects in the coming year.

More ideas for gift baskets

  • Fill a Christmas basket with homemade treats and small specialties such as honey, syrup or fruit.
  • Make or decorate photo frames, flower pots or breakfast cutlery yourself. With a little skill, homemade gifts do not necessarily look like children's crafts.
  • Give away a home training set with light weights, yoga mat and protein bars. Since sports cannons are currently unable to go to the gym, they can certainly use some motivation for their home training.

Assemble gift list


The packaging is the icing on the cake of every gift

4. Spoil yourself with Christmas happy

Don't forget: of course the Christmas season has more beautiful than stressful sides! Even without a Christmas market you can in December Feast, snack, bake And treat you to a mulled wine every now and then. There are traditionally only a lot of sweets at Christmas time, so you should strike now if you love marzipan, speculoos and tunnels as much as we do. Of course, even more fun than buying is that Bake.

5. Plan your budget

The Germans spend between 250 and 350 euros on average for Christmas gifts. For mini -jobbers this is almost an entire monthly content! You should plan in advance how much money you really want to spend or can spend. If a gift is more expensive than expected, try to leave out a few extras elsewhere. Our Tattoomed Xmas Bundles Fortunately, they are available in different price ranges. If there is little budget at the end of your Christmas shopping, you can choose one of the cheaper bundle with a small tattoo voucher.

6. Be a good listener

If the year is coming to an end, your friends may mention possible Christmas gifts for tactical reasons. You should of course also recognize such a hint with the fence post when he comes: your girlfriend keeps talking about this one bag But she doesn't speak of the purchase? Your friend becomes very quiet with a certain video game advertising and gets the game not directly on the release day? You should definitely recognize such information to prevent Christmas disappointments.

7. Just ask!

If you can't think of a good Christmas present or come subtle information Just don't get to you from point 6, ask your friends directly what they want. Many people collect a whole list of little things that they would like but do not want to buy the year. When asked, make sure that the conversation does not work like an order. For example, your partner wishes you a nice sweater, don't ask Like a sales robot According to the brand, color, material and size, but bring your own ideas and try to estimate yourself (or find out through investigative research) which colors and sizes could fit.

8. Help your friends find gifts

Not only you are in gift stress at Christmas: your friends are sure to look for as desperate as you are for the perfect gift. Make it easier for them to shop and give them Subtle tipswhat you could wish for. This is what Christmas disappointments fail to do and your friends are easier to find the right gift for you.