100 first dates - tattoo dire


Do you remember your first date?

Butterflies in the stomach, tingling in the legs and the heart in your pocket! Ohhh that was sooo nice :)

And with a little luck, the first date was not the frog king!

Who of you is still with his first date today? Very few of us can say that.

But what we can say with certainty is that the first date of your tattoos with the tattoo finish brings everything a first date.

The flattering foam gently lies over your tattoo and heals and maintains with care and love for a long color happiness - and with little itching, scratching and tears in your eyes! The perfect date?!

Fancy a first date again?

The tattoomed tattoo finish is the first medical device for optimal wound healing, cleaning and wound promotion of fresh tattoos. The pain -free and gentle use is ideal during and after tattooing, as well as for permanent care.


So functioning - 100 first dates