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10 tips for tatto saucepan after tattooing - update 2022

If a well -stained tattoo is poorly maintained after the jump -off, the healed work of art is unfortunately often considered the careless aftercare. You shouldn't take your freshly stung sleeve on your lighter so that the result looks optimal and do not occur undesirable side effects during regeneration. We have put together the most important tips for the tatto saucepan after tattooing and for permanent care after the complete regeneration for you:


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  1. Correct cream

The regeneration of the skin after tattooing usually takes 21 days. This Care Days Can be divided into three phases for which our tattoomed product series are perfectly tailored.

Care Day 1 - 2: Fresh tattoos must not be creamed with fatty ointments, but the skin should form a very natural wound climate to combat inflammatory reactions. Our Tattoomed Tattoo Finish 150ml Bottle with non -alcoholic care foam was specially developed for skin cleaning of freshly tattooed skin. The medical cleaning foam is perfect for dried blood, accumulation of wound water and dirt under the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Patch to clean gently before you apply a fresh patch or with the Care Days 3 - 21 start.

Frequently made mistakes in the first regeneration phase

  • Leave the protective Tattoomed Protection Patch Not too early so that no too thick crust forms on the tattoo. Casting lead to loss of color and in the worst case can be bleeding and scarring!
  • Nursing creams and washing lotions such as the Tattoomed after tattoo Care and that Tattoomed Cleansing Gel You should only use from day 3 after tattooing. They support regeneration and avoid crust formation.
  • Applying cream or too frequent washing leads to softening the skin, which favors inflammation and also falsifies colors and contours.

  1. Avoid bathing/long shower

Full baths or showering too long are taboo during the entire healing process (Care Day 1 - 21). The bathing in the sea, lakes or open/indoor pools is completely not advisable because the bacteria in the water can trigger dangerous wound infections. Also do not use shower creams or soaps until the skin fully regenerated - if possible, the skin should not come into contact with shampoo or rinsing.


  1. Avoid sweat/dirt in the wound

Sweat (bacteria) and dirt in open wounds can lead to inflammation. You should do without sweaty work and sport during the first few days of the regeneration phase. Freshly tattooed hands, wrists and forearms must also be kept away from rinsing water and dirt - you should also do without the toilet and fridge with incompletely healed tattoos on the arms and hands for the time being 😉

  1. Avoid UV radiation

Tattooed skin is very susceptible to UV radiation. Shortly after tattooing, the skin burns noticeably when it is held in the sunlight. Visits to the solarium and sunbathing So you should definitely avoid during the regeneration phase! A sunburn can also easily develop on freshly tattooed skin in winter, which means that the newly created skin cells immediately die.

Sun protection for every day

Also fully healed tattoos fade over the years when they are often exposed to strong UV radiation. the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care Care with integrated UVA/UVB protection maintains the skin and protects against damage from sun rays in everyday life.

  1. Do not scratch

While healing, it is quite normal for the skin to itch more. Under no circumstances give in to the urge and never rub or rub over tattooed skin during healing! Also run along not a tree or downhale wallpaper :)

  1. Do not wear linty or too tight clothes

When the third care day the Tattoomed Protection Patch is removed, a few more days can emit wound secretions from the wound. Too tight clothing rubs on the wound, so you should choose comfortable cotton clothing.

  1. Slide - yes/no and if so - when/how long?

Of the Tattoomed Tattoo Protection Film 2.0 Ideally, is applied immediately after the jump -off and remains on the freshly tattooed skin for at least 1 - 3 days. If you decrease the patch and the wound with the medical Tattoomed Tattoo Finish 150ml Cleaning foam is optimally prepared for the next step, the regeneration phase with the after tattoo, which you can apply thinly to the freshly tattooed area several times a day.

  1. Remove the lint in the tattoo

If dark dust particles and lints from the clothing are stuck in the healing tattoo, you can gently remove them with lukewarm water and the tattoomed clean & care sponge.

  1. Wash/clean the tattoo

Soaps, shampoos and shower lotions have a high pH and contain perfumes that should not get into the tattoo. Use only our medically coordinated and vegans for washing Tattoomed Cleaning and care products.

  1. Pay attention to healthy eating

Too little vitamin C in the body affects wound healing, so you should pay attention to a vitamin -rich diet during the regeneration phase after tattooing.