10 tips for piercing care

10 Tipps zur Piercing-Pflege

TM-Blog-10-Tipps-Zur-Piercing care TM-Blog-10-Tipps-Zur-Piercing care TM-Blog-10-Tipps-Zur-Piercing care

01. Do not touch the piercing if possible

Touch the, not yet healed, piercing exclusively for care and with thoroughly washed or, better still, disinfected hands.

02. Do not remove the piercing

Do not remove the first use. This could lead to inflammation, slowing down the healing process or even growing piercing.

03. No alcohol/blood -thinning substances

This would have a negative impact on wound healing.

04. No sunbathing/solarium visits

In the first 3 weeks you have to do without because injured skin does not have UV protection and sweat in the wound can lead to inflammation.

05. No full baths and no swimming in the sea/swimming pool

This gives way to piercing and can lead to inflammation and infections.

06. No sport

On the one hand because piercing should not be moved to heal, on the other hand, because piercing should not come into contact with sweat and it could ignite.

07. No tight -fitting clothing in the pierced area

Neither friction nor pressure should be exerted on freshly stung piercing.

08. No exchange of body fluids (oral piercings)

This can lead to infections and inflammation.

09. No creams or other cosmetic items in the pierced area

This could lead to allergic reactions or inflammation.

10. No sexual actions (intimacy)

This could also lead to infections/inflammation.

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