10 Tattoos for Christmas, the shock or rock

10 Tattoos zu Weihnachten, die schocken oder rocken

10 Tattoos for Christmas, the shock or rock

For some, Christmas tattoos are a no-go, for others a self-evident favorite motif. Everyone connects different feelings and memories with the winter holiday. Are you a grin that swears Christmas with a tattoo forever? Or the day is something very special for you and you want a tattoo Celebrate Christmas 365 times a year? We found 10 motif ideas that Christmas Supplement or sweeten.

The festival of love and needles

Admittedly, at first glance, a Christmas tattoo seems somehow out of place from January to early December. If you think about it, the thought is actually very attractive: Always Christmas joy! Tattoo bearers with Christmas motifs are Family man Or people who like Reminded of your childhood will. Of course, not everyone is a Christmas fan and some want to wear it as a clear message on the skin. These Christmas and anti-Christmas motifs can be found under tattoofans:

1. Tin trees

A decorated Christmas tree is something magical for children and arouses some Christmas mood even in the most grin -like grin. If you cannot do without brandy punch lines, put body parts and bones with a bow and mistletoe under the tree.

Similar Christmas tattoos that create the mood

  • Christmas tree balls
  • Christmas socks
  • Reindeer
  • Straw star

2. Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Tim Burton's stop-and-motion masterpiece offers plenty of fabric for entire Christmas loves. Fans can be tattooed by Jack, the Oogie Boogie man or the sweet "Nikigraus".

Tattoomotive from other Christmas films

  • The last Unicorn
  • The little Lord
  • Kevin alone at home (still gets an extra point)
  • Charles Dickens' Christmas story
  • Edward with the scissor hands

Snow globe on the forearm

TM-Blog-10-tattoos-to-Christmas sugar rod

Suckling rod on the wrist

3. Santa Claus

Santa Claus with sled and reindeer is a classic motif that reflects the magic of Christmas. The iconic form can also be shown in the artistic minimal style. Santa Claus appears in all sizes and shapes on the skin of tatto fans and is sometimes classic, sometimes evil.

Variations of Santa Claus tattoos

    • Christmas pin-ups
    • Classic portrait
    • Comic Christmas men (evil or dear)
    • Stylized minimal or geometry motif

In a snow globe you can accommodate landscapes, rooms and pictorial memories. The motif offers space for refined details and can therefore bear a complex meaning. The best of the motif: you can combine all other motif ideas with a snow globe and find a coherent setting for the motif.

5. The grinch

The grin is a multi -layered motif for Christmas muffle and small divas: the green Christmas troll tries to sabotage Christmas by all means, but ultimately it is warmed up by the Christmas miracle and discovers the joys of family life. The motif is an anti-Christmas motif with wink.

Variations from the Grinch motif


      • Like Santa Claus, the grin can be represented in all shapes and styles.
      • Many tattoo artists adhere to the classic American cartoon or the representation of Jim Carrey.

6. Kevin alone at home

Really everyone knows this film inside and by heart. The music, the gags, even the colors are absolutely iconic. Hardly anything could remind 80s and 90s children of their childhood. Attention: At parties, nobody will take it to address your Kevin tattoo immediately.

These motifs from the film are suitable for tattoos


      • Angels with Filthy Souls Letter: "I count until 10 ... 1, 2, 10!"
      • The moist bandits: Marv and Harry Portraits, overflowing sinks, face with iron, bare feet on broken Christmas balls
      • The turtelnie from part 2

7. Christian Christmas tattoos

Some take winnings very seriously as a Christian holiday or simply enjoy the history of the New Testament. Under Bible-loyal tattoofans, realistic black-and-White-Pieces with biblical motifs are real must-havees.

Biblical motifs around Christmas

      • The crib motif with Maria and Josef, star, shepherds and three kings.
      • Maria portraits
      • Star singer

8. Sweets and grandma's Christmas dinner

For some, Christmas means: feasting, feasting, feasting. Whether sweet or hearty things, we all have our small weaknesses, which we like to pursue during the Christmas season. Traditional Christmas feasts are subtle declarations of love for this special time of the year.

Schlemmer motifs around Christmas

      • Candy rods
      • Cookies and milk
      • Christmas cups with cocoa, mulled wine or tea
      • Baumkuchen
      • Gingerbread
      • Spekulatius
      • roast meat
      • Potato salad and sausages

9. Elfen and Wichtel

Are you a fan of sweet and feminine motifs? How about a small elf team as a sign of your devotion for the most beautiful day of the year? Some find them cheesy, others sweet. An eye-catcher is definitely a comic elf! And of course the helping elves can also pack gifts well or steal gifts backwards, poison cookies and lay fire.

10. Sad Christmas motifs

Christmas is not only the time of joy, but also a very sad day for some: if there is no family to celebrate or a beloved person lacks, many at Christmas are more likely to cry. You can express your grief with a serious Christmas motif.

Examples of serious Christmas motifs

  • Christmas candles
  • Individual ball on the Christmas tree
  • Dead Christmas tree