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10 Tipps zur Tattoopflege nach dem Tätowieren - Update 2022

If a well -stained tattoo is poorly maintained after the jump -off, the healed work of art is unfortunately often considered the careless aftercare. You shouldn't take your freshly stung sleeve on your lighter so that the result looks optimal and do not occur undesirable side effects during regeneration. We have put together the most important tips for the tatto saucepan after tattooing and for permanent care after the complete regeneration for you.

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Wo gibt es die meisten Tattoos? Tattoofreundliche und tattoounfreundliche Länder

Tattoos have conquered the world: more than a fifth of Germans wear at least one tattoo, about 13 % of the population even wear several tattoos as body jewelry on the skin. And the tendency increases: among the 20-29 year olds are more than 47 % tattooed, So for women and men it is now completely normal to lie down under the needle. In an international comparison, the federal government is quite tattoo -friendly: Our capital is known for its many tattooshops and you can now nowhere to admire Sleeves and tattoos from all cultures. We looked around how it is about tattoo art in other countries:

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Do you remember your first date?

Butterflies in the stomach, tingling in the legs and the heart in your pocket! Ohhh that was sooo nice :)

And with a little luck, the first date was not the frog king!
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Was Tattooliebhaber 2022 wissen müssen - War es das mit bunten Tattoos?
Tattoofans are not easy right now: In the past two years, Lockdowns have been silent for weeks and again and again and many tattoo studios had to close their gates. In 2022 the pain goes a little further under the skin: Most of the colorful tattoo and PMU colors have been banned across the EU since January 4, 2022! Like any art, the tattoo scene does not let the new upheavals and restrictions get small, but new trends and currents grow from the current situation. We explain what will change in the tattoo scene in 2022:
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