Top 10 last minute gift tips for tattoo lovers for Christmas

Top 10 Last Minute Geschenketipps für Tattooliebhaber zu Weihnachten

Top 10 last minute gift tips for tattoo lovers for Christmas

Finally Christmas is again! At the most beautiful festival of the year, friends and family members give themselves personal people who come from the heart. The music fan gets concert tickets that art lovers new acrylic paints ... but what do you actually give tatto fans for Christmas? We have found 10 cool gift trends for tatto fans with which you can make points or at least a laugh this year.

10th place: Let yourself be stab a tattoo!

Tattoos as proof of love are always daring, but they remain popular. How about showing your loved one with a new tattoo how much they mean to you? Immace your Christmas anticipation with a small Christmas tree, colorful jewelry balls or a Santa Claus under your skin. Your friends have nothing of that, but with some talent for improvisation you can safely sell the new tattoo as a nice gesture.

9th place: The Tattoomed® Tattoo Spardose Small + voucher

With the little one Tattoomed® Tattoo Spardose Small + voucher You will certainly make your loved ones greater joy: support small and large tattoo chews and add an amount with the stylish voucher template. Perfect for narrow wallets!

8th place: draw a tattoo template

Creative heads can give tatto fans with their ideas: a cool tattoo idea on paper makes a lot of things in the picture frame and can be transferred to the skin at any time.

7th place: Artbooks and non -fiction books

Each country has its own tattoo culture with a long history. Think with and find out what tattoostles the (s) are interested in! With an informative reference work, you can definitely inspire tatto obstacles with thirst for knowledge.

6th place: adhesive tattoos

Adhesive tattoos are not only for children - for undecided tatto fans there are washable tattoos to stick on that look deceptively real. Before it gets serious, the recipient can get used to the sight of his tattooed skin.

5th place: Tattoomed® online voucher EUR 50

Beautiful tattoos need the right care after stinging so that the color is brought into the skin evenly and evenly. With the Tattoomed® online voucher EUR 50 The recipient can buy care products in our online shop and stock up for the next projects.

4th place: tattoo date with a city trip

Each city has its individual tattoostyles, which are created by the local artists but also taken up and reinvented. Give away a tattoog voucher with the associated city trip and discover the trends from Berlin, Hamburg or Leipzig.

3rd place: a Buddhist Sak Yant Tattoo

You can experience a deluxe tatto tour in Cambodia, Thailand or Laos. Only there are Ajans who are trained at the millennia -old art and rarely also honor tourists and sting a Sak Yant Tattoo. A real adventure, but also really painful: Sak Yants are stung with thick bamboo sticks.

2nd place: Tattoomed® Tattoo Spardose Big + voucher + Complete Care Bundle

For real tattoo enthusiasts: the big one Tattoomed money box Big is perfect for saving for large projects and sleeves. There is also a practical voucher template for a tattoo studio of your choice and that Tattoomed Complete Care Bundle With all skin supply products directly after tattooing.

1st place: there is nothing about a massage!

No matter what is under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve: The most beautiful thing about Christmas is the contemplative mood! After the regeneration, tattooed skin has the same demands as pure skin. Whether your partner has small, large or no tattoos: With an extensive massage in a warm environment, you can ensure relaxation and a good mood on public holidays.